A Suggestions That Might Be Useful

You have topics listed according to last reply time (it appears). This means that possible more current topics get pushed back, and most of us (if we check at all) check to see current/new topics, although we still love to see what’s being said on popular older topics.

Would highly recommend you change that and allow review of topic in two ways. First would be the standard, which should list topics in the order of last received first (like old board). Then, an option should exist to see topics listed by a “most popular over last 30 days” window, which would be listed with most popular items at the top.

It just doesn’t seem to make sense to list topics as you do now according to when the last activity (reply) occurred as that can hold old, beat to death topics at the top of the list while relegating new topics to spots further down the page (and I assume if enough old stuff get’s replied to) new topics (unless quickly replied to or seen) may fade of the front page all together.

Just a thought.

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