A Tribute to Jim Hawks

Jim and I often disagree on talent, field and court play and coaching. Oh, throw in refereeing too. Jim is sometimes right but mostly a little off. Like a brick missing in the load. But, when it comes to the gospel and his family, he’s a master. His young son came and spoke in our Ward today with our high counselor. He did a wonderful job. In fact, he was more coherent than dad :blush:
Good job, dad!


This is a tribute to my kid, not me. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

The secret is to marry up. I have a great wife who has done a fantastic job overcoming incredible odds to be a wonderful companion, mother and daughter of Heavenly Father.

That is where the real tribute belongs.

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congrats-the apple doesnt fall far from the tree-as for being a brick short we will leave Grasshopper to his pipe dreams😉

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That is awesome that Grasshopper and Hawks are from the same area. Someday, I’d like to hear them discuss on Cougarfan who they think should get more playing time, Worthington or Dastrup.



Hopper actually admitted Jim was right “some of the time”. … this is a miracle kind of like healing the leper!

Actually, I think we see the same problems. But, we differ on how to handle the situation. He comes from a player/referee angle and I come from a coach’s angle.

Kind of like economics and politics when the economy is bad. He’s like liberals say Kensian socialism will make it better while like me, the conservative would say smaller government will improve the economy.

Floyd always has a referee’s angle, too. He’s been a high level sports official for decades.

And, he and I haven’t always seen eye to eye too. But, he seems to have a more patient view on things. Willing to listen to other reasons.

For two years i thought Worthington was a waste of a schlorship and thought he should have been playing football. He improved so much after his mission that i had a hard time believing it was the same guy. Dastrup has so much obvious talent, but whether he will ever get the time or have the drive to develop it, is an open question.

He gets the time in practice. That’s where you prove to your coach you are ready for prime time. Some will never understand this.

Grasshopper - Jim will disagree with you on this. Just wait for it.

I’m sure he will. But if you can’t do what’s totally needed in practice what makes Jim think Dastrup can do it during a game?

some players are great practice players but never show up in games. by all released reports, even from Rose, Dastrup was doing well in practice

Did you watch the coach’s show when Dastrup was on? Yes, he’s getting better but admitted he’s still learning defense where to be, help and get back.
Yes, some are good practice players and freeze up in front of crowds. Dastrup isn’t one of them. When he’s ready it will show in games too.

yes I have confidence Dastrup will blossom, but probably less than was expected, mostly because some of us expected him to be a four year starter with the hype surrouding him out of high school and decommitting from OSU

Once again the hopper is proven wrong. It is getting to be a regular occurence here.

I picked up a missionary today, my son flew into Santa Barbara. Two months ago I thought it would be a 45 minute drive to get home. It took us nearly 5 hours because we had to go north on 101 to SM and then over to almost Bakersfield then down… even thru SP. It is a long drive.

But wow, what a feeling to have a missionary who served a full 2 years and returned with honor.

I’m never wrong with you :slight_smile:
Congratulations on your son’s safe return. Glad to hear 101 North is open. You should have rented a car or thumbed a ride north and taken Amtrak back :slight_smile: Logical and people of reasoning would have done that :slight_smile:

101 North is open? where?

Are you not understanding again? The 101 was closed in both directions, I drove 280 miles Monday night so I could work on Tues. and Wed. then I wasn’t feeling well so I stayed there and picked him up Thursday and drove back… I took the long way around both times.

Rent a car up next time and ride the train back. Trying to help you out a bit :slight_smile: