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I have a couple of questions -

How do I change my user name if it doesn’t identify me properly?

How do I make suggestions, like keeping the old cougarfan format, to those in charge?


Jim Hawks

You need to go to the court house and pick up a name change form. Then, you will have to submit the change to the Social Security office. Then, the DMV. They will contact the brain department of CougarFan.com and if everything checks out with the Department of Justice, you will be notified by someone in the Obama’s Department of Defense that your good to go with the new name :wink:

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I guess I am just stuck until I can actually do something about it.

I didn’t know you were grasshopper until I had read about 5 of your posts.

I’m sneaky enough to also walk on rice paper without tearing it and snatching pebbles from your hand :slight_smile: