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I agree with Nate, Women’s sports are very neglected compared to men’s sports. Yet the BYU women athletes in many sports out perform the men, ’ i.e. volleyball, soccer, middle distance running, and questionably women’s basketball. In basketball the women were a 5 seed, but they won the WCC tournament. The men struggled to make it to the finals as a 2 seed and they lost horribly to the third game match up with Gonzaga. Although I do believe that over all GU is arguably the best team, they surely had three officials completely on their side in the WCC final. That is the WCC or the WCGUC as I say, the West Coast Gonzaga U Conference. It has been that way for the last 17 years.

Today I watched the Los Angeles Sparks WNBA team play the Minn. Lynx and I noticed that Jennifer Hamsom was not on the LA bench nor on their roster or not on any WNBA roster. Does anybody know what happened to her? Is she injured or did she get cut or released by LA or is she playing volleyball somewhere? I could not find her on any potential US Olympics volleyball team roster anywhere on the web as well.