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It is very confusing to me. I just tried to post a “New Topics” post and got blocked and got your post. I don’t get it.

When I tried to post my New Topic a screen message said, "you are not permitted to read the requested source. ??? Whatever.What requested source?

What is the requested resource? Why am I not permitted to review the requested resource? What does this mean? Why can’t I post a “New Topic???”

Why are their rules to “unread” posts. Why do such post disappear if not responded to? This makes no sense. This Board is very confusing.

Watching the 2013 Cougars vs. Texas football game (by the way I am putting my post here because I can’t get into a new topic under Football on this crummy Board) we have some real hope for this upcoming season in 2015. Taysom is back, Williams is back, our defense is under Bronco and we have a good receiver corps. Can we catch a little bit of magic in a bottle again.