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NCAA Track: I am confused about the NCAA Track and Field Meet and the BYU participants. The stories in CougarFan make things appear very positive about the men’s T and F team and how they finish at the NCAA’s.
Yet from what I watched on television on Wednesday and Thursday the BYU men are not in contention in any events. The stories claim that BYU men qualified for the final in the Steeplechase.event. I guess I am missing something because I don’t see any BYU men in the finasl. What’s the story?

I guess I can answer my own question, what’s the story? The story is Alyssa Dalton, running the 100 meter hurdles with a torn ACL, after she qualified for the NCAA’s on time in the Regionals. I have watched most of the NCAA’s on ESPN. And as usual Dwight Stones and the ESPN crew failed to tell the story of Alyssa Dalton who qualified for the semi-finals and only hoped to finish the 100 M. hurdles on the torn ACL, which she did and so far as I have seen, ESPN never mentioned what Dalton was attempting to do. This category is where I posted because I don’t know how this post can be posted on this Board.