According to a "source" at Navy

BYU and Navy are working on a contract buyout for Coach Ken Niumatalolo. No official word from BYU on the issue.

I hope you are right. I think he is the best man available. I am hoping that the source isn’t KC Black who heard it from his contact in the BYU AD office who is turn overheard it from a sailor on Christmas leave that he talked to at the mall while he was Christmas shopping.

The source tweet is from TaloTBS. Not sure if that means anything. No confirmation from a source I would consider trusted.

Funny thing is KC has been right about every rumor so far. I don’t agree with him on social issues as they are opposed to the Saviors doctrine, but he’s been right on sports things.

No reason not to either. Interesting news.

I don’t use Twitter but Talo Steves is a very well regarded writer who follows recruiting and BYU closely. I have read some of his stuff in the past.

I think the Navy coach is our guy. I hope he brings detmer in on O

IIRC, the TaloTBS twitter is not actually Talo Stevens account, just some guy posing as Talo. I still think Kalani Sitake will be the head coach.

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Okay, why?

I like both guys. Niumatalolo or Sitake. That Poly pipeline has to stay intact but please bring in a pro style OC.

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The only credible thing that I was able to get from yesterday. Niumatalolo came, he toured campus. Decided to take some time to think about the job.

Sitake is formally interviewing today.

I think the way I do, and it’s only a gut feeling–because Ken N. loves the Navy and the Navy loves him. He has a great gig. So why give it up?

Kalani is a BYU guy and, according to reports, Holmoe is interviewing him today.

I guess it didn’t occur to me it could be a poser. Sorry!

Agree. 100%. I like either guy, and both for different reasons. I’ll bet 90% of D1 hires are full of alumni and media fed rumors, speculation, conspiracy theories, and allegations of mishandling–often with good cause. BYU is no different. Good move by Holmoe to continue courting Sitake while he waits for Niumatololo to decide.

The only reason I say Ken is because he’s been a head coach and we have a difficult schedule next year.

I agree Tom… what a tough process it must be. Think about all the rumor and conjecture, the difficulty in handling it and what fans and others perceptions are, etc.

Whomever ends up being the coach… things will work out.

There are only two ways to do a hire like this when one or both teams involved has a bowl game: 1) the interview process that is covered by the media and dissected to death by fans and media alike, which is what Holmoe is doing, or 2) the total blindside, which is how UVA did it. Both are less than ideal, but the problem is that every day you wait, your competitors use the uncertainty to bash your school and try to sway your recruits.