According to Blaine Fowler and Dave McCann SDSU won't be starting Agnew!

I was watching the BYU basketball game today and heard that SDSU will be starting a guy at QB who hasn’t started a game before. Is their QB injured or are they trying something new to energize their offense? They have a great defense but their offense is very poor to date. They average about 19.5 points per game and well below 400 yards per game. Their offensive stats are anemic for today’s college game.

It honestly makes me nervous to see an unknown QB starting. BYU has a few past games where unknown QBs torched them. The one I remember the most is 2005 when Utah started Rafliff because Johnson got injured.

Any time you are switching out QBs mid or late season, it’s never a good sign… Rocky views this game as, we did not win the MCW and are not going to play for anything so why not play the future. Now and in the bowl game.
My take

That makes sense. I hope the future is in the bowl game and next year and not tonight.

The QB was injured. Meanwhile Alabama goes down!

Byu by 2 scores

You were right. SDSU was stout. And we had tuiaki

We reverted back to the old defense that didn’t work. Our OL did a poor job as well. Blocking was average at best. Should be interesting who we now end up playing in the bowl game.

Yawn and yawn.

It’s better than not going to a bowl game.

Oh, I know. Make a little money and extra practices that Sitaki prays will help for next year.

That’s right. We have a lot of returnees on both sides of the ball. I still want to know why McChesney didn’t play. Was he hurt?

According to Sitake, on the after-game show, McChesney is well and he (Sitake) will find out why McChesney did not play. That is pathetic to me.

Glad Kalani already got paid. Shame on him for not having the courage to own his team. I’m tired of him saying it’s on him but then not actually taking ownership. Tuiaki’s defense Takes all the fun out of BYU football, and as tonight showed, even a bad offense will eventually beat a defense playing not to lose. Not only that, but I cannot imagine any top LB or DE wanting to come to BYU to spend 4 years dropping into coverage. On the other side, is it not PAINFULLY obvious that Wilson takes too long to make reads, believes he is better than he is, or both? I won’t list all the drive killing mistakes he made tonight.

Why wouldn’t the head coach know the answer after he runs for 228 yards? That’s really weird.

The reason why they scored 13 points was due to the offensive turnovers and the short field. So, can’t blame the defense.
So, what didn’t the offense do? Kick short field goals. Didn’t give McChesney a chance to show he could hit the holes quicker and score in the redzone.
It was obvious Wilson’s thumb wasn’t 100% tonight. A couple of his throws sailed on him for picks. But the offense was again boring.

I know we are all frustrated here but Wilson has always crumpled in high pressure. With out a doubt, I have him as the 3rd best QB at BYU…and that was before this pathetic display.

Well, he continues to win in practice. He’s #1 on the depth chart. It’s really the coaches to get the players ready to score and beat teams. It seems to me that the play calling is different depending who is QB. How about just giving Wilson the same opportunity. And, give him the best RB. That would be McChesney. Alabama recruited him and he chose BYU. Play him.

No he hasn’t. He didn’t against USC or Tennessee. We were winning against Toledo when he got hurt. And the back ups came in and lost to Toledo and USF.
He was off on a few passes today. Perhaps he was hit on the thumb and he couldn’t grip the ball right. That’s what Fowler said after the game. He said he was throwing great this week. But he looked different .

Tuiaki and Wilson, now there’s a winning combination. One can’t stop a first down, the other, can’t get one.

Wilson threw for several 1st downs and the defense held SD to under 300 yards. What happened again was poor play calling inside the redzone.
The fumble was on a trick play. But, the defender wasn’t blocked and that happened a lot. Just stick to the facts and not presumptions.