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If he leaves we will see how he does. BYU once had had the 2nd coming of Peyton Manning and other than a good freshman season his college career was a dud. A lot of people tried to blame Robert Anae for his failure but it is interesting that Jake Heaps took a step back when Anae left the program and he took a further step back after he transferred. We never know how these guys will pan out. I read the other day that Danny Ainge wasn’t recruited by UCLA because they said he wasn’t quick enough to play there. I guess whoever scouted him never saw him
play and looked at the fact he was white and made an assumption. Jimmer was hardly recruited at all. Before people start crying about Adams let’s see how he does. I hope he stays and does well but if he leaves there appears to be enough returning talent to have another good team and possibly make a tournament run.

I am not about to blame the coaches if he leaves. I can’t imagine that Pope wouldn’t have played him without a good reason. Just because you are a top 50 recruit doesn’t mean you are going to be an immediate star.

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Let’s hear the good reason why he didn’t play when he was given the green light. Tom supposedly has this intimate knowledge but is silent. The few minutes we saw him play you can see he was head above heels better than anyone else on the floor.

well said…wish him all the best

Just to be clear, I believe most people blame Bronco because he wanted to go with the “gritty” player Nelson, while Brandon Doman (QB Coach) wanted Heaps. Which caused a riff between the coaches.

But I get your point, the fact that he is now transferring for the third time, says a lot.

How many times have we heard that a player is the next BYU GREAT! only to be a bust on the field?
I can think of several football players, the Lone Peak Three, etc.

Blaming coaches for Adams not playing is just not justifiable based on any evidence. He played 8 minutes in one blowout game. He made one basket. He showed some potential but he didn’t stand out enough to really tell me much. I would liked to have seen more of him.

Agreed, the fact that it was reported in the news that he was also out of playing shape says a lot, as well.

Gotta leave TJ out of that argument, he was either first string or MVP material. Every year he played.

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Adams didn’t really get on the field to show his playing abilities. He had 3 minutes where he made a midrange shot, stole a ball, looked good rebounding and missed a 3 point shot.

He didn’t play 8 minutes. 3 or maybe 4 minutes and showed a lot. Broke a defenders ankles on the midrange shot. Good form on the missed 3 point shot. Stole a ball, and good on rebounding. Pope thought redshirting would be a good idea when we could have won some games we didn’t at the end of the year.

Who says that? I keep hearing about all these so-called reports with nothing to back them up.

I was referring to Dave McCain comment on KSL that said with the Lone Peak 3, BYU would be in the final 4.

HE HAD MOST OF THE YEAR in practice to prove to be a starter! Enough Said!

PT is dictated on what you do in practice, or did you forget that since you were a coach?

Scott, you know you are up in the night, right?

All you have to do is look it up

In the one and only game Adams played in (Bellarmine game) he had:
8 minutes of playing time.
1-6 on Field goals.
0-3 on 3-point shots.
had 2 rebounds.
Had 1 assists.

Bellarmine vs BYU - Search (

If you don’t believe that: here is ESPN’s:
BYU 101-59 Bellarmine (Dec 22, 2023) Box Score - ESPN

OR EVEN BYU own Site:
Men’s Basketball vs Bellarmine 12/22/2023 - BYU Athletics - Official Athletics Website - BYU Cougars

Yep, I can definitely see why Pope put him on the bench.
took over 1 shot per minute he played: Made 1
Had 2 rebounds in 8 minutes.
Had 1 assist in 8 minutes.

They were all really good basketball players but WAY overhyped. They had great success in high school and everyone in the utah valley bubble believed it would lead to a final four, etc.

Reality check.

Also I just heard that ISU - Iowa State, lost to ISA - Illinois Sexual Assault, so you got that going on. Leading scorer on their team is a rapist, back off suspension just in time for the NCAA tournament. BYU suspends Davies for a honor code violation and the rest of college basketball doesn’t think twice about making sure their best players are back in time if they get in trouble.

That’s what I mean by the double standard. BYU holds themselves to a higher standard than EVERYONE else and if you don’t think the officials, etc. are doing the same thing, you’re kidding yourself (not you specifically fish, just fans in general)

So, NC State’s Burns is not in shape. Fat at slow. Yet, he’s getting lots of playing time and starting. No more excuses about Adams conditioning. Bad excuse.

This guy is going to help a lot of people get over the Adam transfer
4-Star 2024 Forward Isaac Davis Commits to BYU - Vanquish The Foe
Just watch the highlights at the bottom of the article
Killer 10’ jumper, passes like Khalifa, That DUNK

To be feed by this guy!
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