Adams in the Portal

Say it ain’t so, Marcus…

I kept saying play him. Play him! What’s the problem with us. His foot was fine. He was practicing and could have played. This is a big blow. The guys on BYUSN were talking about who are go-to players that can take over a game. This kid is one of them. And, we don’t play him.

Sometimes these guys are fishing for bigger deals. The sure feels like he wants to go to the program who’s ready to compete at the highest level.

My personal feelings about Adams. For a guy that hasn’t played a lick of basketball yet if you’re a program you’re taking a huge risk because some of these guys may have been stars in high school but if they don’t have a good worth work ethic, they won’t amount anything. Tom knows intimately what is going on with Adams. If he wants to leave, I wish him the best, but Tom could probably give us more insight

One last thing, the fact he got so out of shape while he was injured tell me a lot

We know that Pope was redshirting him. The few minutes he got in that one game you could easily see he could have played more. The only thing that makes sense is he wants to be on a team where he will be the star. And, with the players coming back and coming in, he won’t be the star. There will be 5 potential stars. A team that could win it all. Maybe he will reconsider if Pope goes after him.

He played one game for a few minutes and I didn’t see enough in that game to make a judgment. He looked out of shape and somewhat lost to me. Understand he would be a little lost because he had barely practiced with the team. The fact that he moves on at the drop of a hat is a red flag. He left two marquee programs before he joined BYU.

He wants to play. I watched that game too. He made three moves and his defender couldn’t stay with him. He sank an 18 footer breaking the ankles of defender. He took a 3 and missed but looked relaxed and confident. Then we never saw him again. Foot was fine. He’s been working out with the team but never played. I hope he reconsiders.

I did talk to Tom about Adams today. He could go into detail because he knows the program inside and out and he knows what’s going on with Adams. But he confirmed what we all observed. Adams was not in game shape. Apparently he liked the food at Byu more than he liked to practice.

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Garbage. And you know it. Pope messed up and didn’t play him. Now, he’s walking. A 4, maybe 5 star player gone? I heard that it’s more likely that he wants to me closer to his mom because of the death of his father and grandmother or something like that. Tom doesn’t know anything.


back up your mouth with actual facts that Pope messed up. Please provide your sources for you conjecture about Pope.

where your report, emails, text, etc. that you always demand from others.

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Simple. He played a couple of minutes in one game and never saw play time again. There’s only one reason because the ban that he couldn’t play was lifted. Perhaps if he played more Adams would have worked harder to get in better shape. And, he may just stick around another year too.

I tried to warn Scott. I asked him to be polite. Another way to put it is be a good latter-day saint. Instead, he just wants to inflame create drama and be a little a hole that’s fine I don’t respond to little A holes.

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That is not documentation Scott, that is your OPINION only! I want to see any verifiable proof of your accusations against Pope! not your opinion of what is going on!

There have been multiple reports by local reporters that Adams was winded during practice and really out of shape, especially playing shape. Add to that he injured himself during practice.
Adams suffered a lower-leg injury shortly after signing with BYU that limited his practice time. He wasn’t eligible to play until late in non-conference play when the NCAA ruled that all two-time undergraduates were immediately eligible, but by that point he hadn’t practiced with the team and was not in game day shape.

BYU Forward Marcus Adams Jr Enters Transfer Portal - Vanquish The Foe

Where is your FACTS!

I do not know of a single coach worth his salt would agree with your comment.
You practice to play, not play to practice.!

I do not believe he understands that concept, I provided a talk given by the Prophet himself that talks about creating contentions with others. He blew it off.

I just got tired of him bashing people for relaying information, thinking he knows what is going on because he watches Sports Nation. LOL!

I have never heard one hard question of the coaches on that show!

Personally, I think Adams is either an idiot or getting bad advice, does he really think he can transfer for the third time without the NCAA denying him? this says more about his character than PT.

I know he lost his father. So his life is probably in a lot of chaos. I was 50 when my father passed away and it was very hard for me so I can hardly imagine a young man just out of high school losing dad.

I hope he gets some peace in his life and gets a solid foundation somewhere. He has talent that God only gives a few people in this world. My prayers are that he uses it for good

You put the best talent on the floor. He played in that game and looked fine to me. Broke that dudes ankles with his step-back midrange jumper and nailed it. Grabbed a couple of boards away from the other team. He was fine. You want a guy that can take over a game, he was one of them. The fact is Floyd, he only played a few minutes in that one game. The only reason to not play him was to keep him in the redshirt year. How did that turn out? Fish is a moron.

He lost his Grandmother as well that he was close to. He may be doing what Puka did and move closer to home. I got that. However, we needed a guy who could take over a game at the end especially. We did not have that guy except for Adams. Like you said, He has talent that God only gives a few people. Pope should have played him.


Because he was “gassed” just playing those few minutes. Because as the article said, he was not in playing shape for any games.

Not a hard concept to understand, well maybe for a “moron” like you, it is hard for you to understand.

I understand, I lost my father when I was around 45, he passed because of “downwind”. Unfortunately, I did not have time to mourn, because I was given the responsibility to take care of my mom and her financial needs and everyday type stuff.

I would think that the team supported him during this tough time and showed abundance of “true caring” for him “as a person”, not just as a talent. To me, that would have been a good sign to stay. I will say this about Adams, from what I read about him before coming to BYU, he seemed to be a bit a Primadonna, and looking for “PT”.

Will have to wait and see what happens.

No Floyd. He only played a few minutes because it was at the end of a blowout game. You don’t remember.

From what I’ve heard other team members is exactly the opposite of what you don’t have faxes and emails to prove. You see him on the sidelines cheering and supporting his teammates. They all said he fit in just fine.