After 3 games the offense is scoring

at a scorching average of 17 points per game. I wonder how many of the players are seriously wondering: Hill - why did I come back?; Williams - why did I come back?; Mangum - why didn’t I transfer. Coaches: Detmer - why did I leave my ideal life? The defense - when will we get so drained that we become anemic too?

With the kind of play we have seen this season, so far, plus the other negatives, why would a P5 conference invite us to join?

As sick as I am at losing and the excuses, excuses, excuses; Sitake and staff still need 3 years to see what they can do. But I no longer will watch or listen to any of the talk about the games prior to or after the games. I think a lot of this is, for me, a holdover from the last 4 seasons.

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