After Week 7, what ESPN=, CBX, and SI are Projecting for Bowl Games

With The baby-faced assassin, Zach Wilson,

BYU Bowl Projections: Week 7 - Kyle Bongura - December 27, 2018 - Walk-On’s Independence Bowl vs. -Arizona State - Jerry Palm - December 26, 2018 - Cheez-It Bowl vs. —————Washington State - Eric Single - December 19, 2018 - ******* DXL Frisco Bowl vs. ---------------------Cincinnati - Mitch Sherman - December 19, 2018 - DXL Frisco Bowl vs. ————Eastern Michigan

give me Wa State any day. We have a long way to go before anyone gets an invite.


Washington State would be my second choice behind Arizona St. of the four listed.
My guess is that we will get Cincinnati.

If we beat both Utah and Boise State, my first over-all choice would be Utah with the second choice,
Utah State. If we lose to Boise State, I would want that to be our second choice.

10/15/18 @ 11:12 A.M. ET.

16 Washington
24. Wisconsin
31 Utah St
33 Utah

38 BYU

43 Boise State


74 CAL

Leach’s Air Raid would tear us up. I’d rather not face a good passing team.

Cincinnati is pretty good. I would rather face Eastern Michigan and ASU, in that order (from the ESPN speculation).

I want to see BYU play the best teams possible. Wash State would be the best on the list. I’m not so sure that Wash State would tear us up. We shut down a potent Hawaii offense. We could do damage on Wa State. Galen Lake says so.

Rubicon and fish

I know that I am in the minority, but I would rather lose a good close very competitive top notch P5 team than to win a middle of the pack G5 team. I would rather lose by 3 points vs any P5 team than to win by 30 points VS any FCS team. I would rather lose while learning how to play vs the most respected P5 teams in the Nation, than to program for a sure thing Bowl Invitation.

To me, winning a bowl invitation vs a G5 team, does not come close to learning how to play vs. the best teams in the nation (Win or lose)

Eventually, my goal will change to being as good as most teams in the the top half of any P5 conference. When that is accomplished, I want nothing but the Alabama, Ohio State, Clemson, NorteDame, Michigan, LSU, Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Oregon,Iowa, and West Virginia teams of this 2018 season.

To me, a true champion is not the team that went undefeated all season, but instead, it is the team that can beat all the teams listed above.

show me the rankings of Wash St vs. Az State? Would much rather is a Air Battle with WSU.


#29 Washington St. (-8)

#38 BYU

#58 Arizona St. (+20)

I am going to contradict myself here by saying I want to play Arizona St. more than I want to play Washington St.

I think that while my over-all desire is to always play the best team available, (Win or lose), which in this case would be Washington State, I think that this season I would make an exception.

If we, #38 BYU, win over # 33 Utah without the bowl game counting, that would give us 2 wins vs P5 teams (Arizona and Utah) and 2 losses vs. P5 teams. (Cal and Washington). The bowl game would be the tilt of winning more P5 teams than we lose to. These records are forever. I am looking down the road, in desperate hopes of looking worthy, should the question of an invitation once again rise, as to if we get invited or not into a P5 conference.

I think that our chances of winning the bowl game is better vs P5 Pac 12 Arizona State than it is vs P5 Pac 12 Washington St.

Worse case scenario is if we, # 38 BYU lose to # 33 Utah, our standing would be, (without the bowl game), 3 losses to P5 teams and 1 win vs P5 team. For the record, that last forever, we need the tilt on our side vs. Arizona State, rather than take the chance of a 4-1 record vs. Washington St.

That is just my selfish opinion which contradicts what I usually feel about playing the best team, win or lose, in order to get the experience of playjng the best, In this case, for the long, (forever) record, I believe that our standing vs P5 teams needs all the help we can give to that record,

Uh, you forget little ol Wisconsin.

[quote=“fish, post:5, topic:8116”]
I want to see BYU play the best teams possible. [/quote]

I do, too, in theory. But we’re still not out of the woods as far as being consistently competitive with good teams. Until we are consistently competitive, I’d rather not play the best teams available.

Scott Frost mentioned, in discussing Nebraska’s problems, that winning is a habit, and so is losing. He’s right. There is a lot of psychology that goes into the momentum swings, and resisting momentum swings. Right now, even though we beat a Hawaii team that isn’t that good (hasn’t played anybody) and a Wisconsin team that is overrated and not really that great, either, we have a lot to prove in the consistency department.

Leach would outcoach us, and our secondary and pass rush is really bad. Yes, I know that we did okay against Hawaii, but . . .

Hawaii has put up their numbers against Rice (among the worst in D1), Duquesne (D2), Colorado St. (really disappointing and underperforming this year), Navy (normally solid defensively, but struggling this year), San Jose St. (among the worst in D1, and they needed 5 OT to do it), and Wyoming (really disappointing this year). They scored more against us than they did against Army in their other loss.

I don’t think Hawaii’s offense is really that potent.

[quote=“Ronald_Uharriet, post:6, topic:8116”]
I know that I am in the minority, but I would rather lose a good close very competitive top notch P5 team than to win a middle of the pack G5 team.[/quote]

I would if we are consistently competitive, all other things being equal. We still haven’t proven that we can replicate Hawaii, and we will have a chance to prove just that against N. Illinois, Boise St., and Utah. I’ll be right with you if we look competitive in all three of those games.

Part of learning how to play is learning to put teams away, not get far behind, etc. I think we need the “muscle memory” of doing these things before intentionally just playing top teams every game.

Say we get an invite against Michigan or Oklahoma (two teams I assume will be in the hunt for their championships, but won’t make it into the playoffs). What good does that do us, with where we are at right now? I think “learning how to play,” as you say, against teams we aren’t going to blow away is more valuable right now than putting up 120 passing yards and 34 rushing yards against a team we have no business being on the field with (right now).

Yes, we thought Wisconsin was that type of team, but they aren’t, as results have shown.


I hereby contradict myself and agree with you. "we’re still not out of the woods as far as being consistently competitive with good teams .“Until we are consistently competitive, I’d rather not play the best teams available”.

Let me modify my statement:

In an effort to draw attention to those that matter in the college football world, I want our win-loss record vs. P5 teams to greatly improve.

I think that we can do this by: 1. As much as possible, schedule as many as possible of the consistently 1-4 worst teams from each P-5 conference, while at the same time, 2. we avoid scheduling the consistantly best 1-4 teams from each conference. I would like to use this advantage to be able to schedule 9 P5 teams along with 3 middle of the pac G5 teams with no FCS teams on our schedule until after we have earned the right to be a true P5 recognized team.