Agree with you here grasshopper

Continuing the discussion from Pepperdine, a real head scratcher:

Worthington didn’t play one minute last night. That says a lot right there. It seems to be more proof that there is no continuity, no flow, no idea what is working and not working. I mused at the start of the game for the reasons why Rose starts Kaufusi and Nixon, who offer nothing offensively, and I would still like to know. They had 30 combined minutes with 6 fouls and zero points. After Fischer got knocked out by a basketball before the game, where was the additional offense going to come from? It’s like Rose is a day late and a dollar short and now BYU is chasing the leaders as they continue to stumble and trip their way through the season.

But at least they played hard. We may by have the talen to keep up, but we have the heart. Just wait till 3 years from now, or is it 4? Either way, we will combine heart with local grown talent to once again compete for a ncaa tournament invite.

Apparently… if you are a “very good” high school player within a 20 mile radius of the BYU campus you are basically guaranteed a scholarship to play for the Cougars. For a school that claims to be intent on extending the footprint of influence and spreading throught the world, when it comes to sports teams (and basketball in particular) they aren’t accomplishing much.

I can’t believe there aren’t some “players” who are lds or are familiar with the church that might be capable or interested in playing for the Cougars that don’t live within the greater provo/orem area.

I am confident that BYU is one of, if not the only, schools that starts 4 guys who played for high schools less than 10 miles from their college campus. Haws-Lone Peak, KC-Provo, Nixon-Orem, Kaufusi-Timpview. I guess they did go 5 hours south to get Winder…

That is a problem.

Come on Jim, in 3 years we will have all 5 from provo and will dominate, or is it 4 years?

Sad that so many of our fans didn’t get this when a few of us have been talking about the happy valley pipeline lazy recruiting for a few years now. Coupled with a WCC schedule, and you have what we have today, a nice little team that can turn some heads every 10 years or so.

The BYU athletic program under the current administration is not keeping up with the rest of the field. It’s been a frog in water situation that some of us have been trying to bring to people’s attention for some time.

I am looking forward more like after this year (I know, no Mika & Destrup yet). 2014/15 was a bust which was sad. But, I like to see that we get 1 or 2 international players who can play in the paint if our coaches ever go over sea. Anyway, I am done with current and review mirror of our BB/FB (Yes we got this guy M. Langi from Tongan will be interesting).