All too early look at Big 12 basketball

Big 12 Basketball: Way-Too-Early Power Rankings For 2024-25 (

2 Houston
3 Kansas
(Feels upside down to me)

Byu was at #6 before Pope left and took Chandler with him.
Colo @ #7, Utah comes in at #14, next to last place

College football recruiting intel on 7 of the top 10 players in the 2025 class, headlined by David Sanders Jr. (

This ranking is as of 5/22

1 Kansas
2 Houston
4 Arizona

Has BYU at #9
has Colo falling all the way to #16
Utah @ #15

so…where do you see BYU by the end of Big 12 play
and do they make the big dance?

If we can get another big man that can play right away, Robinson return or get another player like him, no reason not to compete with the top 4 there.

Many Big 12 teams are still adding players (BYU has 3 more to add)
Great article on who benefited from the TP.
10 newcomers who will shape the Big 12 basketball race this season – Deseret News