All you naysayers!

How about that!!! What a game!!!

Yes, what a game that BYU stuck together. I don’t know if Kalani Sitake should of let Jake kick the FG in the 3rd qtr rather going 4th and 1. One ref was beyond the yellow line but ref moved it back a little for TO. Again, hate it when the ref want to review that INT in OT was a joke. Who cares, we won and we are 2-1. Washington is next!

Defense really won this game. Great job against great receivers. Ya, I saw that referee too. And he had a better look at it than the other guy. Have to teach Hifo when he can block low. He did that in the Utah game too.

I thought the block that Hifo did was okay but I am not an expert when comes to reffing. Yeah, Hifo need to think next time not to do that again. Jake would have gotten that FG w/o having to go OT.

Apparently, the rule is if it’s past 5 yards and it was.

yea, I saw that. that happens more than you think.
I thought they placed the ball a bit short, but that me with a TV to see.

it is a whole different thing being on the line in a game and trying to see the runner in a mass of humanity. sometimes you just try to do the best you can.

that was classic blocking below the waist… STUPID penalty for no good reason.

But, which ref gets to decide? One that could see it stood as it was a first down. The other did not. Why did the one that didn’t give us a first down count and the other didn’t?

blocking below the waist is illegal outside the box (line of scrimage)

I hate to say it, but it is generally the with the strongest voice or experience. not right, but that is human nature.

Well, a great win, again. I’d like to see us blow Washington out instead of another overtime.