Almost Too Boring to Watch

We have played 4 real games and looked bad in 3 of them…shoot, we couldn’t even pass and struggled to score against the JV team from Louisiana. I opened the year pretty down on this group and although I admit I got my hopes up a bit after the Wisconsin game, I still don’t think we are very good. You just can’t go far in college ball with bad QB play. And I hope nobody responds by telling me what a good game manager Magnum is, or how nice his 5 yard passes are. He is not dangerous, period. Our whole offense is like watching paint dry. WE HAVE A GOOD O-LINE. MANGUM ALMOST NEVER IS PRESSURED. BUT STILL HE CAN’T SEEM TO MAKE ANY PLAYS. I’m not talking about his riveting 5 yard slants. I’m talking about fun plays that make people want to come over and watch BYU games and eat pulled pork at my house. Nobody wants to watch BYU play. My favorite player on our offense is our right guard, and my second favorite is our center–'nuff said. This offense is an abomination to fun football. And our Defense is booooooorrrriinnggg. Anyone who criticized Bronco should watch Tuiaki call a game and then write Bronco an apology letter.

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Ditto on Tuiaki. Same thing last year. Browning is good but we made him look like Manning or Brady

I agree that Tanner just isn’t dangerous enough. While we had 2 touchdowns stolen I’m not sure if we could have scored in the second half. However, 14 points in the 1st qtr would have maybe put Washington back on their heels a bit. Let Wilson play this game.

Nah, at this point, I’d rather have him play against the likes of New Mexico St. and get some game time to get ready for next year.

Tanner will play the whole season, as it is is a politics nod to the senior who’s paid his dues and been through a lot. They’re not going to make his depression worse by benching him for the freshman.

Care to back that statement up with actual facts?

Grimes does not play the “experience” and “Time” card… He plays who he feels deserves to play. Every week the starters have to prove they are one of the best 11 (as a couple of weeks ago, Shoaf was removed and Christensen (fr) replaced him).

What I have heard is that Grimes likes how he manages the offense and the scheme Grimes and Sitake wants run. He stays within the system.

Mangum is not slinging the ball around because he can’t do it, but because Coach Grimes wants to develop a smash mouth run game for BYU this year. Yes, if you are a pass happy fan, the offense is boring, however to some one who loves the NFL type offense (Smash Mouth), it is quite fun to watch our lineman open holes in the line for the RB’s to drive a truck through.

Like I said at the beginning of the year, our defense is our real weak link, I have reservations about Coach Tuiaki abilities to be a DC. Add to the fact, that Tuiaki was a childhood friend of Kalani, makes it even harder to get someone else.

As a Friend of mine noted, Washington defense is really good, they make good teams (Utah and Auburn) offenses look bad (he is a Utah fan, so that is why he put Utah in that list).

and Tom, just so you know that little “JV team from Louisiana” is one of the BEST FBS programs (ranked #6 when they played BYU) in the country, which means they are not that far below D1 level…

Another one of those JV teams Northern Illinois has taken down both Nebraska and Iowa in the past and gave Utah all they could handle… So don’t dismiss them because they are FBS…

All I have is my opinion. Same as you, same as everyone.

You keep saying this, and it’s all because Grimes says so.

Awesome. Did he like how he managed the offense Saturday? Was he happy that he stayed within the system? We had 160 yards passing and 34 yards rushing. I’m glad Grimes likes how he managed the offense and stayed within the system. We were lucky, very lucky, we scored at all late in the game.

I’m getting really tired of the buzzword catch-phrase “smash mouth.” The problem is that, against the good teams on our schedule (Wisconsin was an anomaly, and 98 times out of 100 we won’t beat them), we will have no rushing yardage and no passing yardage. So, we won’t even get the fun of watching our linemen open holes big enough to drive a truck through. But, at least it’s “smash mouth,” and at least Mangum stays within that system.

Northern Illinois isn’t Division 2 (sorry, I can’t bring myself to use the “Football Bowl Series” and the “Football Championship Series” distinction). They have led Division 1 in rushing at times, and they are not a game we can assume we will win. Not even playing “smash mouth.” :slight_smile:

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Washington’s defense was good after the first quarter. The quarter we would have scored at leas 14 points if the refs would have allowed it.
McNeese St’s coach said that many of his players were recruited by the D1 teams but could not hack the academic side of college. Shows that a degree from there isn’t worth much. They were D1 players.
If we can’t move the ball against Utah St then Grimes will have to re-evaluate his use of quarterbacks. I can’t believe Sitaki will not let Wilson throw the ball and use his legs. Wilson will end up at Utah if he’s used that way.

No, he won’t. Not if he’s staying within the system, and not as long as we’re playing “smash mouth.” :slight_smile:

No because I seen it and have heard Kalani say it… plus, the players have said through the media that every practice you have to prove you play the next game…

Does that help?

The answer is “Yes” according to local sports talk interviewing the coaches…

The thing that Grimes is not happy with was all the stupid penalties that his players had… which means yesterday, the offense was doing up/downs after practice (punishment for making mistakes). How many yards was negated because of a stupid penalty?

If you go back on BYUTV coaches show, he talks about how he has always envisioned a smash mouth football team (he referenced Wisconsin) when he was a HC.

His direct quote:
“They’re a great team. You see why they’re highly ranked. I thought we were overwhelmed as a group,” Sitake said. “That’s the type of team we aspire to be. It was a good clinic for us to see what we want to be and what it takes.”

another comment: “Sitake emphasized again Monday how much he loves Wisconsin’s style of play, something he would like his program to emulate.”

I think this is where some fans and the coaching staff is on different pages.

Read the article:

You are correct, I misread the division. Sorry, even I can make mistakes :blush:

Nope, Utah recruited Wilson until they got Tuttle… then dropped Wilson, do you really think he would go to place that has a good of a freshman QB as he is? Not likely.

Personally, I think the whole problem is receivers, we have no “Go to” guy. That is dependable, Romney could grow into that, Not sure what happened to Cosper out of Bingham High School (has very good hands).

I will admit that sometimes I scratch my head with decisions the coaches make.

That was the refs that made the mistakes. Although, PAC-12 refs never make mistakes because it’s intentional… :slight_smile:

A first has OCCURRED!!! :hugs:

Wrong again Grasshopper, I also admitted an error with Fish at the beginning of the season…

One in 5 weeks. And before that one in 5 years :slight_smile:
Are you still umpiring baseball/softball in California occasionally?

No, I had to give it up for a couple of years because I had a major foot reconstruction last summer. They put 6 - 2" screws and a Titanium rod in my foot to rebuild it. I am still in the process of trying to walk normal again.

I hope to be back behind the plate next spring fpr baseball and then back in the fall for football. That is if I can get this foot and legs working again.

Funny thing, My foot literally fell apart while mowing the lawn a year ago last July… See “yard work” can be hard on your health, at least that is what I told my wife. :rofl:

Health can turn on a dime. 6 weeks ago, I was beating up a 150 lb bag at the Fitness gym and my back went out again. But for the first time in 25 years with the back problem it went sciatica on me. I’m in physical therapy right now trying to get my leg to work again without pain. I hate feeling defenseless.