Alright, our brothers up north did it, now it is our turn!

Come on Cougars, time to take down one of the big boys of college football!!! Let’s do this thing!!!

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I hardly think that Utah St. beating SUU counts as taking down a big boy of college football.

That long kick return toward the end saves them. Lucky for them. Enough talk about them.

The Utes at home against a floundering team trying to get itself back in the discussion of good college football teams win because of an opponents bad QB performance. BYU is playing away against another, albeit better, team that is trying to get itself back in the discussion of good college football teams. I wish I was more confident about the outcome. Hopefully the defense can play really well.

My concern is that our offense will be too conservative and predictable to do what it takes to win the game. I desperately want BYU to win, I just think we will be limited by our offensive coordinator who will be afraid to give his players an opportunity to win the game because he doesn’t trust them enough yet… He will wait until game 8 or 9 to open up the playbook a little, you know, like throwing a screen pass to a RB.

Oh yeah, this is the quietest I can remember it less than 24 hours before a big BYU football game. Do fans still care?

Most do not care, as I predicted a while ago. Indy combined with Bronco has put the program on life support and fans are afraid to go all in. I feel great, as for the first time in a long time I don’t have any money invested in the program, nor does any of my extended family. We are no longer all in, and none of us miss it. I’m afraid if this season flames out, more will follow.

They said last night it was the 32nd consecutive home sellout for them. We won’t have one this year unless something changes. We didn’t even sell out Texas last year. The tide has turned long ago to who is the hottest ticket in the state, hopefully big brother let’s us play them so we have something to look forward to in the future for home games.

I think we will beat Nebraska, but staying healthy doing it is a big concern of mine.

Go Cougs!!!

Don’t rely on this version of cougarfan to gauge fan interest. Most people who visited the old cougarfan gave up and went elsewhere. I also believe there is fan discontent but hard to gauge how much - we will see later in the season with attendance numbers.

Berk: You represent the “new” It is a corporate buyout which so far has failed to entice any excitement from BYU fans.

Been on since 2001.

Encouraged but the Cougars are scary out there, especially on D.

We did it!!!

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Several concerns for upcoming games but the Memorial Miracle will not let me comment on the today. strong textWE WIN! WE WIN!! WE WIN!!! WE WIN!!!

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Per byutv during post game Taysom Hill is done with broken foot on his last TD run. As he was untouch he planted his foot in a strange way. Dang that is not good. TM played really amazing. We WON!!!

Taysom’s injury is obviously bad for the team but I really feel bad for him. Doubt he would want to come back next year. On TM shoulders now.

It’s too bad. Taysom looked great today with his passing. Better than I’ve ever seen. Tanner looked great too, so I think we’ll be in better hands than last year’s situation.

Who is the new second string QB?

Does Jake Heaps have any eligibility left?

Hoge is the new backup followed by Detmer.

He is available after throwing 4 INTs in his last practice before getting cut.