Alyson Adams Guerilla Art Project

I read with interest about Alyson Adams’ Guerilla Art Project where she posted signs on BYU statues and buildings, etc, asking “where was the representation for women?” As a father of three daughters who played high school and college sports I would like to ask Ms. Adams if she knows about Title IX?
Who pays for women’s high school and college sports? Obviously it is high school administrations and
college administrations and local and national television money mainly generated by men’s football and basketball and at some schools men’s ice hockey and wrestling revenue.
I support female athletics. I have coached my daughters in softball and basketball for years. Also in T Ball. My wife and I traveled thousands of miles around the midwest following and supporting our girls in basketball, soccer, softball, voice, and theatrical and dancing productions.
Yes, I support the idea of putting up more statues and naming buildings after famous women. But where is the knowledge that BYU no longer has men’s wrestling nor men’s gymnastics mainly because of the cost of Title IX equal representation. Also there is the political aspect of Title IX where colleges and high schools are required to represent, as close as possible, the percentage of women and men on given campus activities and inter scholastic and inter collegiate sports and activities.
I would like to hear from those who have any ideas on Title IX and equal representation of males and females in interscholastic and inter collegiate sports and activities. I invite Ms. Adams to comment on Title IX too and how these sports and activities are financially supported.

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