An Open Letter to THE AD

An Open Letter to THE AD

Dear Sir:

Based on 11/29/17 top 130 teams in the Nation

118 Kansas
112 Illinois
111 Oregon St
103 Baylor
96 Rutgers
90 NC
87 Tenn.
86 Florida
82 Nebraska
81 Minnesota
80 Indiana
79 Maryland
78 Arkansas
69 Syracuse
61 Ole Miss

These 15 teams represents the bottom of the P5 schools at this given time. Be careful. It is not usual to find schools like Florida at the bottom half.

From the list, try to find the 9 teams that are most likely from this list to stay on the bottom half and try to schedule those 9 teams.

My guess is that Kansas, ILL, Oreg. St., Minn., Indiana, Maryland, Arkansas, Ole Miss, and Syracuse
might be a good 9 teams to try to schedule.

Stay away from P5 teams that are ranked in the top half of the P5 schools.

Increase the number of P5 teams that we win compared to the ones that we lose to.

Stay away from schools like Auburn, Alabama, Wisconsin, Ohio State, USC. It does us no good to play them and show more losses vs. P5 teams. We want to play the P5 teams that we can show wins against.

Yes, we are running out of time from now until 2024. Yes we must start playing 9 P5 teams that we have a good chance of winning right away. Yes the other 3 teams must be respectful G5 teams with no FCS teams on our schedule. It is a bigger disaster losing to UMASS than it would be losing to Colorado State.

Thanks for all that you do. The schedule of the past few years have shown a dramatic improvement, but we need to tweet it to our advantage showing more wins vs P5 teams and fewer losses vs P5 teams.

We need your encouragement to the decision makers
to make BYU relevant in the world of College Football.


Ron Uharriet.

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