And, it starts already

Bryant is questionable for tonight’s game with a foot injury he sustained against UTA. Why can we not stay healthy In football and basketball?

It isn’t strength and conditioning, like everyone seems to think (fire the coaches! let’s get better strength/conditioning/flexibility programs in place!).

If anything, I think it’s because we have too much weight training now. The important thing — especially in basketball — is conditioning and endurance (cardiovascular) and skill (practice). And intangibles, like court sense, savvy, and attitude.

Has everyone noticed the explosion in severe injuries this year? On any given day on ESPN, you can read about athletes in all sports who are out for the season or who keep getting injuries. It really seems like an epidemic. I don’t know why, but I for one don’t think it’s because we aren’t weight training enough.

There has been a problem for a long time where cross training isn’t used enough. Athletes used to play all sports. Now, it’s Basketball or football all year round. So, strength coaches are suppose to work the muscles differently throughout the year. ACL non-contact injuries is a real problem because of this.

The basketball and Football teams have separate Strength and Conditioning coaches.

What they should do is hire some performance trainers like Pendelton… I think they would add to the S&C of the players.

I also think there needs to a “REAL” down time, where players are not expected to “Work out” during the off seasons.

Look at professional basketball players, once the season ends… they go do things with the families and do not work out at all… then a couple of months later they go back to their trainers to get back into playing shape… College needs to follow suit.

The pros have injury problems too. And, many don’t take any down time. Especially the stars.

Which Pro players do not take off time after the season ends?

Kobe, MJ, Lebron, Steph Curry… all have said on TV that they are taking the next month off to decompress and let their bodies recuperate and more importantly be with their families.

Usually it is not more than a month, I think it necessary to balance ones life.

More and more studies are coming out where they advise schools to have a down time for their players in order to prevent burnout, stress and other aliments.

Now you are agreeing with me. They are also advised to cross-train too. Few pros take time off. Most go into summer leagues right away.

This ^^^^

I don’t like how kids (middle school and high school on up) are asked to specialize in one sport (club and travel teams) and play all year round. It’s not just the physical recuperation ---- it’s actually more mental. You need an off-season. And, I think people benefit from playing all kinds of sports. What I see with a lot of the “elite” athletes who specialize is that they burn out and it isn’t any fun any more.

My wife’s sister was all-MWC in softball for the U, and she coached at SUU for a few years. To get to that point, she had to “pay her dues” with year-round club teams and then Division 1. At the U. she went inactive and lived a lifestyle that she had to be formally disciplined for, and she’s turned her life completely around and is now sealed in the temple. She now doesn’t want her kids to play any organized sports at all, and I’ve told her not to throw the baby out with the bathwater — to have a happy medium with moderation. Her kids had better play sports — she is 6’0", and her husband is a 7 footer! :slightly_smiling_face:

To your point, though, I think an off-season would reduce this epidemic of injuries (not just a BYU problem).

It used to be football coaches told their players to play basketball, golf, swim and just do other things. True that doing other things doesn’t help with their football skills but there is cross training where the Stablizer muscles are strengthened reducing injuries.
And it does help with enjoying your sport more taking time off doing other things you like to do.

You have a tendency to see information on one or two people/players and then make an assumption that everyone does it the same way as they do.

Not sure why that is the case, but I’ve seen it over the years. :relaxed:

Floyd listed 2 or 3 players and said they all take time off. So, I take it you believe the same thing. So, who actually takes an example or 2 and makes it sound like everyone does it? That would be you :slight_smile:

You said the “Stars” don’t take time off Scott.

So I told you 3 or 4 “Stars” that have all said on TV they take time off…

Stop trying to spin your comment Scott… Jim is right… You tend to assume a lot…

And you aren’t assuming? Give me a break…

LOL, been down this road so many times.

Right…And I’ve always been correct. As far as what Kobe and others did in the off season, they didn’t take time off. Most of the greats went right to USA ball. Dream team and all. Heck, what did Kobe say after his final game? He said he was going to go to the gym and work out the next day or two.

You do realize that the Dream Team practices do not start until end of July… when does the NBA Finals end? Oh yea… The Early part of June…

You have NO CLUE what time Kobe takes off…

Second, the only time Kobe was on the Dream Team was in 2008 and 2012… So where did he go all those other years???

It is not “Assuming” when it is a fact… Just ask Jim

Like I said, he said he would be back in the gym the day after his final game. See, I actually listen to people without the need for interpretation.

LOL!!! like Jim, you assume your statements and reasoning is factual and can’t be debated.

Most players take time off during the off season, everyone knows that. Just because Kobe said he was going to go work out the next day doesn’t mean he did it every day until the season started again. That would be stupid.

Crazy nonsense…