And the fall from grace continues

Thank you.

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Hear no evil, see no evil… Thanks Thawk for continuing the evil…

I’m going to throw this out there just to elicit a lot of responses, which is, frankly, iffy, since most of you can’t stand Utah, or say the name. How would BYU’s defense fare under Whittingham and how many of BYU’s starters even be playing in the Utah system? I’m sorry, but in my view, Utah, plays more like BYU used to and BYU resembles what Utah used to look like. I remember so many great middle linebackers at BYU and defensive linemen that were great at applying pressure. Now the secondary has pretty much been an issue, except for a few really good years. I just wonder what happened to the toughness of the BYU defense and frankly the OL isn’t winning any goggle eyed stares from me either, considering the physical size of the OL. Frankly, I like the way the Utes approach each game. Smash mouth football-the way it was meant to be played. Come on BYU-dominate the line of scrimmage and get running backs that want to run through people

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Sr_Burton, “Smash mouth football-the way it was meant to be played. Come on BYU-dominate the line of scrimmage and get running backs that want to run through people.”
Me: AMEN!!! Play football or go play hop scotch.

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I like Bronco’s philosophy that heart, attitude, and effort are more important than raw talent or stars. The raw talent is nice if players have the other traits.

Now, if we add the transfer portal and the coaching over the last several years into the mix, it kind of all goes out the window. It doesn’t matter how many stars we have had under the Sitake/Tuiaki/Lamb regime. I think Wittingham could have gotten a lot more out of our players than Sitake did — and Wittingham had better players to begin with.

ARod likely the next “fall guy” for Sitake, then maybe Holmoe or Sitake after ARod.

Hawk, I knew if I responded you would give me a demerit :slight_smile:

Holmoe gets a lifetime deal for navigating independence and winning the golden $50m/year ring AKA a B12 invite. Sitake has to generally be considered a good hire (I was rooting hard for Coach Ken at the time), and Pope has had solid success until this year’s face plant (BYU will give ANY HC a pass on one or even a couple bad years). Just getting from the no $ MWC to being an ESPN Indy to the B12 was a great accomplishment that many ADs couldn’t have managed to do.

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I agree about Bronco, even though he did a couple of things I didn’t care for. BYU used to get better talent than the Utes-great linebackers

Holmoe gets a lifetime pass. Easy
Big 12 invite, covid year. Track sports, Womens volleyball, mens volleyball. what else am I missing? The dude is brilliant.

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Do not disagree with you and tlarimer’s comments/ sentiments. But the impermanence of today’s society is growing ever stronger with the “what have you done for me” mentality - anything can happen, even in a relatively short time.