Another Blowout!

BYU blows out Evansville. Now, the real first test to see if BYU is really mentally ready to play in the Big12 basketball league. Utah will be ready for the game on Saturday at their place. Can we be mentally ready? It would be nice to have Foose for the game.

it would be nice to have foos…it will be fun to see what has happened to Erickson, it will be good to see another first test…SDSU, ASU, NCState were also first tests…
This is the first game in years I have been tempted to head down to Utah and just be there.
A good, stats say great, BYU team against a good Utah team at Utah…will the crowd be for Utah or BYU?
Will the threes fall?
Will the D hold up?
How close will it be? close at all?
Will Atiki manage to not get tossed again? Will coach Kry be crying again?..yes good riddance to Coach Kry, glad they have a good coach…Hope they compete for the top of the league with BYU for great rivalry games as of old under Coach Stan Watts…or other storied coaches on both sides…I am sure Coach Pope would count Lynn Archibald as one of the great coaches of the rivalry…

The rivalry was once great with outstanding coaches going head to head. Stan Watts vs Jack Gardner, Frank Arnold vs Jerry Pimm, Roger Reid and Steve Cleveland vs Rick Majerus, and Dave Rose vs a bunch of mediocre coaches. I think Pope and Smith are both very good coaches and the rivalry will be great again with both schools in the nation’s best basketball conference. Watts and Gardner had a classic rivalry that lasted about 15 years or so and was about even. Both coaches are in the Hall of Fame. The rivalry could be that good again if both the current coaches stay put for a long while.

The game Saturday will be a real test. Utah has played a tougher schedule than BYU and has 2 neutral Court losses. Utah struggled at home last night against a bad Southern Utah team but they were probably looking past them.

BYU didn’t look past a decent Evansville team. I think BYU wins this going away too. It will start out tough but in the end, BYU wins this with or without Foose.