Another Conspiracy in Volleyball

BYU clearly the better team loses in 3 straight games. Mental cases…or Conspiracy? P5’s?

Just one more, of scores (that is by the 20s), choke by BYU sports teams over the years.

BYU could be swept in 100 straight games, no matter the sport, and you would still say BYU is clearly the better team.

The passing was puzzling at times. Our mental preparation is puzzling as well. Not serious enough in my opinion. Goofing off before the games.

BYU sure did look like the better team last night. It was one of the worst displays of inefficieny for the Cougars in a long time.

Both basketball and volleyball saw goofing off prior to the big game. Players wrestling with the coach and non-serious behavior. Sure players want to be loose and not tight for games. I just haven’t seen the seriousness yet. For older married players there’s a lack of maturity. Any thoughts?

I have been saying for years, maybe decades now that BYU needs a full time sports psychologist or at least some faculty members/student peeps to help the athletic teams be more prepared for games, competition, matches, etc. particularly when they get to playoff time or championship games and games that have something on the line.

It happens more often than not that BYU chokes the important games and matches that matter. It has been a significant problem for a long time.

I thought I heard they do have one. I think the game week or day before preparation is way too loose. Too much goofing around.