Another excellent game by BYU

I don’t know if ASU is that bad or BYU is that good. Maybe a little of both. BYU will get a good test in the championship game. Must reduce turnovers. Must hit front ends on 1-1 free throws.
Waterman had a great game.

And then, stupidity! Atiki out next game for fighting with 33 seconds to go. Several players left the bench. Waterman may be out tomorrow too.

BYU increased turnovers.
BYU did worse at the foul line.
Then BYU wins anyway…

Great second half. Limited their turnovers in the 2nd half. Didn’t miss free throws like they did in the first half. And, shot 70% from the field as well. Kept their composure while NCS lost theirs completely. Coach gets tossed because they were missing shots and BYU wasn’t. That was dumb.

We have to come out in the first half of conference games because those teams won’t do stupid stuff like that. At least the real good teams.

Kalifa had a great game coming off the bench for Fousse. Hopefully, Fousse will be okay and back next Friday against Fresno. I don’t know why we play these stupid neutral site games. We should play them at home.