Another great effort but,

First, we started our last play too soon. Gave SM too much time.
Second, should have trapped them in back court and then fall back but don’t let them get into their one-on-one play.
Third, Fouss reacted slow.
Forth, bring Williams in at the end. He can hit free throws.

Other than that, great effort with 4 players down.

Hall is a very good young player but needs work on his free throw shooting. If he can get that issue solved he will have an outstanding career at BYU.

BYU doesn’t have that star player on the guard line like Barcello, or TJ Haws, who both takes care of the ball and knocks down free throws in crunch time. Williams hits his free throws but doesn’t take care of the ball. Hall doesn’t turn the ball over a lot but is a poor FT shooter. Your point guard needs to take care of the ball and be a good FT shooter.

What we don’t have is a shooting guard who can create his own shot like the SM kid who made the last shot or like Barcello. Hall may learn to do this and I think he will. Johnson can shoot but doesn’t create.
With that said, Pope makes errors at end of games. He shouldn’t have given SM that much of time. Hall could have waited another 10 seconds before going.
Press for 3 or 4 seconds on full court and then play half court. Same problem with the Gonzaga loss too. And, maybe Fish knows what the 3 Musketeers did to get suspended for the game. Really?

Apparently Jaxson Robinson, Atiki Ally Atiki and Noah Waterman were suspended for one game by Pope because they broke a team rule.

that might be why they also lost,

What team rule that would get them suspended for the Saint Mary’s game? I did mention this post of yours above. Jim and I were texting during the game and wondered what’s up. Is Pope losing control?

The reason they lost is the same reason most of the time they lose. They can’t shoot free throws, they turn the ball over too much and they lose focus during key parts of the game, not valuing every possession. These are fundamental things that can be improved on but they simply aren’t improving.

That is why they keep losing, especially close games like the last two at home to the top teams in the conference.

In the desnews article it did not say what rule was broken. Seems weird that it was for one game only,

My point was that all three players suspended had a lot of minutes played. Maybe they lost because these “contributors” were not available?

Or maybe it would have been worse if they did play. Who knows?

It’s hard to say.

In the end none of it really matters except the final score.

BYU has lost several games they probably should have won. I don’t know how many end of game close wins they have that they probably should have lost.

When they beat Dayton in OT after being down so big, that is one they probably deserved to lose and came away with a win. There are more close losses that should have been wins though.

Two starters and the only backup to Foos??? It had a huge impact on the game. Robinson, for one, had been BYU’s 3rd best defender. He is our 2nd best 3 point shooter on the team after 123 attempts. Guys like that really spread the floor and open up the middle so Foos can go to work. After Robinson, Waterman is the 3rd best outside shooter, Of Course, it hurt BYU to miss these two.

Then you have Atiki, who is the only guy to be able to cover for Foos while he takes a breather. This should of been a win. I hope these kids learn from it.

Really sucks to be a fan when you are losing by a point over the past 10 games.

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