Another halftime nothing

Again, teams always make adjustments and we don’t at halftime. We also aren’t prepared for their changes with our offense. Why aren’t our receivers more open or are they and Slovis doesn’t throw them the ball?
We have two good backs again. But, where was Davis too?
127 yards for Slovis and 50% passing? What’s going to happen next week against Texas? Houston surprised them. Can we down in Texas?

Texas is probably pretty motivated. I could see it getting ugly early. I don’t think they have forgotten the beatdown that a certain player named Taysom Hill put on them a few years ago.

BYU is in trouble honestly.

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The creative 1st half offense gave us a 24 - 7 lead. Yes, our defense was ready and forced turnovers. But the offense had good yardage and success. Then, the 2nd half where opponents make halftime adjustments and we don’t have a game plan for them except to run a boring predictable offense. The creativity goes away as we try to hang on to victory. So, you may see that we are in the game at halftime. It’s after that where we need to see a different mindset.

I think BYU will be in trouble because BYU is a very average team and Texas is a top 10 team. I doubt that games that occurred 9 and 10 years ago will be a motivation for anybody actually playing in the game. None of the players and coaches that were involved in those games are a part of either program anymore. None of the current players were even in high school then.

Texas is deep and talented and one guy goes down they plug in another 4-5 star recruit. I watched them yesterday and they were blowing Houston out with a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and they had the ball and then they let Houston back into the game with a few bad series on offense and some questionable play calling by Sarkisian.

Houston had a very good QB and some some good receivers and they finally got their offense going the 2nd quarter. Texas has some vulnerabilities on defense but BYU’s offense won’t be able to exploit them. Frankly if BYU can keep the score respectable I will be surprised. I think the talent gap will be enough for Texas to blow BYU out and they won’t need any extra motivation for games that occurred a decade ago. They will be motivated enough by the fact they almost let the Houston game get away from them and they lost to OU a few weeks ago. If they get up big on BYU early it will be all over because BYU doesn’t have an offense that can get them back into a game when they get behind by 3 touchdowns.

The one thing that gives BYU a glimmer of hope is that the Texas QB got hurt late in the Houston game and his backup didn’t look nearly as good, however, Archie Manning Jr. is waiting in the wings and I suspect Texas wants to redshirt him but wouldn’t hesitate to use him if Ewer’s injury keeps him out of a few games and his backup Murphy struggles. I think Manning was the top QB recruit in the country. Those are my 2 cents.