Another portal loss

Apparently Logan Fano will enter the transfer portal also.

That one hurts. A new DC coordinator needs to be hired yesterday. Also, Coach Lamb is going to Northern Colorado to be their head coach. So, Fano transferring isn’t a surprise. Players transfer when their coaches move on. Tuiaki is heading to Idaho St. sounds like. But, Alabama has 19 already in the transfer portal. 1300 so far in all of college football. It is what it is. Too bad. Let’s see who we get in from the transfer portal.

Yep, another 4-star recruit going… The wheels on the bus are slowly falling off.

This former 4-star edge rusher is entering the transfer portal - Deseret News

Well it is not only players leaving…

Looks like Coach Lamb is headed to Northern Colorado to be the new HC.

Sources: BYU’s Ed Lamb expected to become next head coach at Northern Colorado - Deseret News

Ya, I mentioned that to someone in another post. When coaches go, so do players sometimes go. Just part of the game. Again, Alabama already has 19 players gone and 1300 total in college football. We will get transfers in as well that want to play in the Big 12.

This is a big, BIG deal. Fano was probably BYU’s highest rated defensive recruit since KVN. But as I’ve been shouting from the palace walls, if BYU is gonna tell 4 star edge rushing hybrid DE/OLBs they are expected to drop into zone coverage on every snap, they are idiots to play for BYU. College football is simply too hard and too big a commitment for a kid if it’s not any fun.