Another QB comes to BYU

Looks like Jake Retziaff is coming to BYU.
BYU football signs top-rated quarterback from junior college ranks - Deseret News

That last name sounds familiar to me, not sure why.

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Jake has a rocket arm. This is a big time get

He’s mobile as well.

Our last Juco QB worked out ok (Sark)…RS Retzlaff one year while Slovis plays (he can even play in 4 games to get a taste of the B12) and then Retzlaff has two to play (unless somebody beats him out). Solid strategy by the BYU OC here…

Speaking of Retzlaff, did you notice that USC wide receiver Gary Bryant, Jr., has entered the transfer portal. This past season he caught 44 receptions for 579 yards and seven touchdowns and returned 11 punts for 50 yards and 16 kickoffs for 413 yards.

Who was Bryant’s high school quarterback at Centennial High School in Corona, California? Jake Retzlaff. I’m not saying that Bryant is coming to BYU, but the connection between Bryant and Retzlaff can’t hurt. Oh, btw, Jake’s brother Reggie is also an outstanding receiver and played with Jake at Riverside Community College.

we need some true burner speed at receiver.

Everyone in cyber world is busy declaring BYU the doormat of the Big 12 and that we will be lucky to win even a few games in the vaulted Big 12. I can say without a doubt that the TCU product on the field for the NC would have had a tough time beating BYU at home, road or in tim buc too, they had no running attack, they couldn’t make a simple pass. The TCU team I saw beating Michigan would of trounced BYU but that NC team was completely intimidated. So goes the mind of a 20 year old.

Speaking of minds, what was that idiot QB from Georgia lighting up and smoking a celebratory stogy?
Is he saying it is OK to smoke? or that I am a mature man. I think even M. Jordan did not light up that stogy after his world title. Stupid.

When BYU has ligit QBs with NFL talent we always have good to great years, I would not be betting against BYU at home. That ND game was a tossup until the end with an injured Hall at QB. Slovis is no slouch. Roberts, Epps and Hill are good enough to win games. And with Hill at DC, I ain’t betting against BYU, no way. Now if we get into the teeth of this Big 12 year and BYU just can’t compete, will then, that is when I will say we are in full on resurrection mode

I played in leagues equivalent to D1 talent after college. shoot, even before that, our church ball team would beat the HS starters by 20 any time we wanted to. The point is; I can’t tell you how many times we showed up for a big game and some doof on my team would say, “gosh, they are so tall or so fast, etc” I would look at the doof and say, “I’ll just shoot further out”. or" those guys probably can’t tie their shoes right". Relax.

Watched Bull Duram last night. Loved Costner (Crash) in it and how he dealt with pitcher, “Meat” played by Tim Robbins. Everytime Meat would question Costner’s sign call as catcher, Costner would just tell the batter, “That pitcher is questioning my sign so here comes a fat one”. Intimidation is everywhere, especially in College Football.

Holiday Bowl or Miracle bowl which I did missed that last four minutes miracle win. Did Jim McMahon celebrated with cigar and beer?

Anyway when are we going to see 2023 football schedule? I could not find online information.

Never liked that dude, like him even less now. He is arrogant and cocky. If he gets drafted he will be another Mayfield… they are similar in many ways.

I think he needs a couple of young missionaries to give him the Gospel. Some just haven’t had the opportunity.
So, where have you been?

Actually MJ did light one up when they beat Utah in the Delta Center.
Caused a big stir, because Utah had an indoor smoking ban at the time.

I always liked Bennett until Monday night and as the game went on I liked him less and less, and that cigar stunt was the last straw. I liked the fact he was a walk on and beat out one of those alleged big time transfer players last year. I like his spirit in terms of believing in himself and reaching his dream. Unfortunately he is like a lot of people that when they reach the top
they lose all their humility. He may get humbled by the NFL. He is small for the NFL but will probably get a shot and he may get a large dose of humbling which is good for anybody.

I noted your comparison to Baker Mayfield. My thought the other night was Johnny Manziel in terms of skill set, size, and cockiness. Where is Manziel now?

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Just curious if people had the same feelings about Zac Wilson (BYU)?

I used to do games at Corner Canyon, Zac is and has always been less than humble about his abilities.

I did not watch the game because of other commitments, but I have family that lives in Georgia. There are a lot of people that pride themselves for being alumni of Georgia.

As for the stogie, I do not judge others for their standards that might be different than mine. Tobacco is a big product in the State, my family owns tobacco farms. I guess I am a bit jaded, but him lighting up a cigar did not bother me. My opinion is that kids never should look up to athletes as role models. But then again, I am a dinosaur.

I heard at the end of the game that he is 25. My very strong opinion is that kids (loosely put, anyone under 21) emulate others, more so in sports than anything I can think of. Remember Charles Barkley’s infamous commercials, “I am not a role model”. FACT. Very disappointed in this dummy. he is the face of college football for now and of course, they all want to be like him.

I was in Vienna Austria, around 1990, everyone smoked so one day I asked why they all smoke when here in the States we had just ended any smoking in restaurants, buildings etc. My tour guide says, "Your American sitcoms, dramas, everyone smokes. We thought it was what anyone cool in America does. Go figure

You are right. Kids should look up to their parents as role models. When I was a kid, Willie Mays was my hero. I did basket catches in little league. One day, Mays was asked about if he smoked or drank alcohol. He said never. My mom emphatically pointed that out to me. You’ve seen the movie the Sandlot. What did the kids do at the carnival? Chewing tobacco because some baseball players used it.
I agree it’s not my business if he smokes. It is okay for someone to comment about behavior as it may affect our children or grandchildren. Thanks for your time. Happy New Years!

I am sure a lot people felt the same way about Zach Wilson. He is getting humbled by the NFL. If a guy is winning his teams fans tend to forgive their weaknesses, or at least not notice them.

He was a 21 year old kid who didn’t get humbled on a mission. Yet, while he was at BYU, I never saw him behave without humility. He was a great collegiate player. Great personality and confident. Nothing wrong with that.
People said that going to the NY Jets is a problem because of their management and the offense isn’t a good fit for him. He looks confused out there. So, the Jets have fired their OC. See what happens.

Willie Mays was also my sports hero growing up. (Ali also). Tacoma had a Giants triple A team at the time, so once a year the Giants would come and play an exhibition game against the farm team. Mays, McCovey, Marichal, two or three Alou brothers. Awesome memory.
BTW, Europe still smokes like chimneys. So dumb.
Victory cigars? Better to leave it to guys older than college. And the old guys embarrassingly trying to “flirt”/harrass/impress cart girls Just not that good a look on the college “kids” (who aren’t kids - I know).

You mean, NY, where QBs hopes and dreams DIE? It’s not the coaches, its the market. What is a NY minute anyway? They burn through QBs faster than TP in a Covid pandemic.

The problem with Wilson is maturity. He completely lost the NY fan base when he didn’t take ownership of a 9 completion, 3 interception filled game and he gets up there, responding to a question, “Do you think you let the defense down?” Wilson says, “No”. Did not know what he had done until his farther called him up to explain what he had done.
Benched QB Zach Wilson apologizes to Jets for postgame comments (

They should of never started him. He is a kid, trying to run a professional team and he was years from being the Wilson we saw at BYU. Wilson is NOT a pocket passer, they tried that at NY. But guess what, every guy across that line from you is a college superstar, who not only out runs 98% of college players but they hit you hard enough to rearrange your teeth. Hey Zac, watch Tom Brady, learn. You have 2.4 seconds to get rid of the ball. good luck, you can come back from this but won’t be at NY. They cooked you long ago.

OJ Simpson was my hero