Another reason Rose wants KC to

I will say one last thing and will not comment again on this topic.

At times during the season, not always but at times, KC and Fischer have played selfishly and it has cost the team potential wins. In spite of this, they have both played unselfishly at times and have helped the team win games they might not have otherwise won. I believe this contributed to some of the reasons for the teams’ up and down season, their inconsistency and their missed layups, close in shots and other behaviors that affect team chemistry.

That is all, thank you for your time… everyone.

That’s your opinion and close minded. They didn’t make the mistakes because they only thought of themselves. That’s an opinion you have because you can’t believe someone would try to score when others weren’t so the TEAM could win. That they could force things because of the team and not for the selfish glory.
There are other reasons for a need to force shots and take bad shots that has nothing to do with selfish behavior. But you aren’t interested in that because it isn’t negative enough. So, we’ll have to agree to disagree.