Another reason Rose wants KC to

Continue with more triple doubles. Rose knows KC does have an opportunity in the NBA. It won’t be for his shooting ability. But, he can score around the basket, grab rebounds and dish assists out. Pad his stats and he has a better shot at getting picked on the draft. I’m okay with a coach helping out a player.

Yes, I know you are okay with it because it has nothing to do with helping the team and is all about KC. Call it what you want, I call it self centered or selfish. If Jimmer can’t make it in the nba, what makes you think Collinsworth has a chance? Do you really think a 6’6" white guy with slow feet is going to “score around the basket, grab rebounds and dish assists out” in the nba? Name one player that does that right now.

On the other hand, if KC can develop a mid-range or long range shot then yes, he will have a good chance at playing in the nba. I haven’t seen that happen yet. The fact that Davies played a few games in the nba is no small miracle… and it is the perpetuation of the one in a multi million chance that has so many of these college players living in the land of delusion, paying coaches ridiculous amounts of money and focusing on the sport as a business instead of the game it was intended to be.

How do you know it doesn’t help the team? I think it does. Younger players seeing success is huge. Players rallying around his effort is excellent for a team. But you are so opiniates to see this.
Now you seem to think he’s slow. I don’t. He’s got great technique in many aspects of the game. Analysts also think you are wrong.

LOL! He is preparing to be a point guard (after all you said Rose is trying to help him get there…) in the nba.

Hey did anybody see that one time KC drove the ball from the top of the key and did a spin move, subsequently throwing up a wild shot hoping to get a foul? Did you see that play?

Well… I guess he is better than Ainge and for that matter, better than any player to ever play for BYU… and right there from less than a mile away. Who would have thought…

Better than Ainge? They are different players and can’t be compared. In today’s game KC may just have a shot. Get a grip. You are losing it.

Losing what?

I’m like the kid who isn’t afraid to tell the emperor he has no clothes. There has been exactly one person (Reed Omer) who agreed with me somewhat that what happened in the game vs SC was unnecessary and perhaps a little inappropriate.

I don’t think KC is better than Ainge was. The comparison can be made based on what they did during their respective careers. Nothing wrong with having a discussion.

Likewise I have stated myself that if KC can develop some kind of shot outside of 10 feet and preferably some kind of long range stuff then he definitely has a shot. The guys he would have to go against near the basket are all bigger and stronger and the guys his size can knockdown 3 AND go to the basket. His defense is okay but he would be in trouble trying to defend a lot of players. Could he stick with a Kawhi Leonard for example? Probably not…

Lebron couldn’t shoot at all when he started and has developed a decent shot. Not great. For that matter Kobe too. So, KC can start in the NBA and develop a shot too.

I saw him playing in some high school highlights and I disagree that he couldn’t shoot at all. Lebron has always had the skills. He was a hard worker too.

He couldn’t shoot in the NBA his first 2-3 years. But, he worked hard and developed the NBA shot including 3 pointer. He was all about driving to the basket his first couple of years. Now, Jabari Parker could shoot.

Yeah… okay. That is why he scored 25 points in his first game as a pro… it was all on drives to the basket. :weary: He averaged 21 a game his rookie year on layups and dunks… :grimacing:

He has always been able to score the ball from anywhere. Yes, he got better with his perimeter game but he always had the skillset.

KC on the other hand can’t hit the broadside of a barn from outside of 12 feet. I hope that is something he can improve on, like you say, but I have my reservations…

Nope. Lebron did not score with outside shots his first couple of years. He was terrible from the outside. But no one could stop his penetration to the basket. Once again your observations are incorrect.

Here you go, in case you want to look at stats before you make claims. Not sure the stats back up your assertion regarding Lebron…

In looking at the year by year stats I see no correlation between what you are claiming and what actually happened.

I do. His percentage went up from his terrible rookie season. Teams use to let him bomb away. His real strength, and still is, driving to the basket. What don’t you see? Same with Kobe. He had a hard time making layups his first season.

You obviously have a mental block and problem analyzing stats.

That is all I need to say. Everyone on this board sees it and understands it… that is what the stats show and the fact that you don’t know how to analyze them.

Facts are facts. He couldn’t shoot. 41% was terrible.

You are right that “facts are facts”. The problem is that you just don’t know how to interpret them.

Not a lot different than being able to understand the difference between team play and selfish play.

I have come to the conclusion that you are very observant, you just don’t understand what it is that you are observing. :worried:

You have the problem with observation too. You tend to assume things because you don’t put a lot of though and reasoning into it😇
When you see players do a lot of one-on-one you automatically assume they are being selfish looking for their own glory. Just like when Fischer set that record for 3’s you assume he was doing it for his own glory. Selfish people do selfish things. He, KC and the rest are not selfish people and therefore aren’t setting records and making bad basketball decisions because they are being selfish looking for the glory.
At the same time, it’s not a sin to perfect ones game and set records. The Lord set the most important record by being perfect so that we would have that example to follow and work towards perfection. And he did it without being selfish. KC and and his triple doubles doesn’t mean he became the most perfect performer in triple doubles because he is selfish. He did it to help win games for his team and teammates. Now he’s an example to young players and youth to work hard and progress in basketball and life. Do you see him out breaking HC violations? No! Fischer isn’t a member. Do you see him out breaking HC? No! Their good character is also exhibited on the court as they try their very best to win games.

You think that writing this comment somehow validates all of the other nonsense you wrote? Nonsense like keeping the honor code and “he did it to help win games for his teammates” prove that you are totally off the track. Well, the religious comment is irrelevant to the discussion… it doesn’t help at all. Obviously there are some things that you just don’t quite understand. Like I said, that is the thing that I have come to accept. It has taken me a long time and I’m still not sure how or why you don’t get it but you just don’t.

Please stop trying to convince me, or anyone else, that you do.

If you can show in any test that KC is selfish then I can agree with you. but since their has never been a test to measure the heart of a human being, then I can’t accept your reason for the things he does on the court.
The analogy of the Lord is justified since you and others are judging him personally making him out to be Laman.

Holy crap! Do you sit next to your computer waiting for me to post so you can argue again? Like I said, your observation skills and understanding of what is going on during the course of a game are rudimentary at best. I would ask for concurrence from other posters here because I know that they know what I am talking about, but they have given up trying to discuss or rationalize any type of dispute or disagreement they might have with you. It is a dead end every time.

Once again, your religious references are irrelevant so stop trying to justify your position by using them.

Certainly one of the more ridiculous things you have written in some time…