Another statistic that sticks out

Not one point from the bench. Not one…

Missed 5 important FT down the stretch. Gave up a 7 point lead. Missed layups and let them shoot open shots. Where were the bigs??!

The bigs were too busy watching the littles try to do everything. If you only have 1 assist in the second half, that translates to not very many bench points. The bench guys are watching the littles try to do the hero ball stuff…

BYU has had huge difficulties this season with just doing the basics of basketball 101… missing easy shots, layups and free throws and playing consistent, good defense. It isn’t rocket science.

I agree. I think the cause is a stinky offense that is being run. Little opportunity for two man games and open look shots.

If that is the case, it points at the coach. Is that a result of loosing the big guy coach to UVU?

I think our big men know what to do. But the offensive scheme doesn’t allow for many two man games. The weave and the early offense limit the other options that everyone would like to see. The players are just trying to run the Rose offense. And when it doesn’t work because other teams in the WCC are on to it, we get bad shots.