Another transfer leaving BYU

This time it is on the Women’s side:
BYU basketball’s Lauren Gustin reportedly enters transfer portal - Deseret News

She is a 5th year senior; I have heard in the academic world it is better to get your master’s at another institution that you got your BA. That may be why she may be transferring.

At least that is what I have been told by some eggheads. LOL

Many people get their post graduate degrees from other universities. It’s too bad people and fans can’t be true to your school anymore.

In today’s world a bachelor’s degree doesn’t mean a lot. That is unfortunate.

The reason this is the case is because college, degrees, masters and PhD, letters after your name… it’s all a big scam. People pay big money to get all these fancy degrees and then spend the rest of their lives paying off the debt. It’s a deceitful fraud and honestly it is just another symptom of an already sick society that we are a part of.

There, I said it. Now somebody try and dispute it with reason, logic and facts.

That might be impossible since it’s hard to prove a negative :rofl:

Now, I know you said it. But where are the facts, logic and reason? :wink:

The problem with most liberal arts degrees is the only jobs they prepare you for are jobs that are not in abundance and in many cases those jobs make no
positive impact on anybody.

I’ve known many who don’t get jobs in their major. But, their degrees helped get them jobs anyway in other areas. The degree does help if just their critical thinking and communications.

Not sure about others, but my middle daughter got her BA and Masters and walked away from college debt free.

she actually listened to me in how to pay as you go in education. It wasn’t easy, but she did it.

she is a research analyst for Huntsman cancer Institute now.

i will admit, she got her smarts from her mother not me.

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a lot of those liberal arts degrees are used to go onto another degree like law or medical school.

but, your right about on their own, they are pretty useless.

kind of like general ed courses you have to take with your degree.

I second that ! She’s did the right thing. I had no debt leaving BYU after 3 years.

PHDs are much easier to get than Masters. Almost always there is full funding available for the PHD (referring to .Degrees where there is demand)

I guess the BYU coach is trying to convince Gaston to stay for the final year according to Desnews.

The fact that Businesses like yours Jim still require people to have a piece of paper that says they know what they are doing is the reason that these degrees are so important, even the useless ones.

Not saying it is right, but that is the facts… Business wants to see that stupid piece of paper.

I will also agree that some kids go way into debt to get that piece of paper. However, have you ever asked people why they do it? Having a son in law that was a lifetime student (in college for over 10 years, 5 BA’s and one Masters), I often asked him why? his answer was that he was still trying to figure out what his “calling” was (ended up be a nurse and loving it).

The scam in my mind is not having the degrees, it is the Government and Banking industries that entice these kids of going into debt to get a degree without really telling them what happens “Afterwards”.

Then you have Universities (including BYU) that raises the tuition costs to the point that if a kid wants to go to college the only chance they have is to go into debt to do it.

All five of my kids got degrees, different ways (on-line, in person, etc.), only one of them went into debt to get the degree they wanted. It is possible to not go into debt, but it is not for the faint hearted to do it that way.

BTW, I only have a two-year degree (AAS), I was lucky because I backed door my way into find success without having a BA degree.

This conversation reminds me of the lawyer that had a plumbing leak at his home. He calls a plumber who comes and fixes it in 10 minutes and hands him a bill for $100. The lawyer says “$100! For 10 minutes work?! That’s $600 an hour! I’m a lawyer and I don’t make $600 an hour!” The plumber says “I know! I didn’t make $600 an hour when I was a lawyer either!”

:rofl::rofl::rofl: that’s about it!

It’s interesting that today there are more women getting college degrees than men. Also, the colleges are filling impressionable young adults whose brains are still not fully developed full of liberal, socialist, woke damaging ideas.

Reminds me of the lawyer who called a plumber to fix a pipe leak. It took the plumber 10 minutes and charged the lawyer $100. The lawyer complained that, that’s $600/hr! The lawyer said he doesn’t even charge $600/hr. The plumber looked at him and said "when he was a lawyer he didn’t charge $600/hr. either! :rofl:

Yep! And, Biden wants to forgive student loans. Imagine how that will drive up costs as well.

You have a A$$ degree? Thought so. :wink: Well, I have one in Police Science as well. Never used it. Got a Physical Education BA degree at BYU. Never used it. Ended up teaching Algebra and Geometry at a private Catholic school for 16 years. They never checked to see if I had a Math degree and wondered why I didn’t want to teach trig or Calculus. :rofl:

The second year I taught there, a guy that I graduated high school with taught for one year there, math as well. He left and ended up being head director of one of those private for profit schools here locally. He got his degree from a papermill. He’s the type of brilliant mind that could have been your surgeon without a medical degree from a real medical school.

And…she’s back. Feels like Epps is gone for good, real head scratcher

Tanner,l Toolson entered the transfer portal. He played a little bit, but had to sit out the rest of the season because of injury. So what’s up?

Just too many players as good and/or better. Also, perhaps he saw his scholarship disappearing as we need another big and perhaps we are close to getting one. We have a lot of 2’s, 3’s.

I always liked Toolson, he was just buried by more experienced and better defensive minded players. I wish him the best.

This frees up a much needed schoolie, good things happening.