Another win, costly?

Great win! Great Crowd! Was that a rib or a

last I heard was that the wind was knocked out of him.

He sounds good to go. Nothing cracked…

The issue is we may have lost three defensive players (Pilli, Mahe and Herron). Won’t know for sure until later today (Monday).

Floyd, I’m hoping for good news on those guys…all three are real good players. Mahe looked great out of the gate this year. Pili (with Ah You) is maybe the only NFL talent on our D and would be a gigantic, gigantic loss.

BYU football: Injuries are piling up for the No. 15 Cougars - Deseret News

Pili is out for the year

BYU football: Keenan Pili out for the season with ACL injury - Deseret News

This is a tough one. Pili looks like a sure fire NFL talent to me. Bywater is next man up. the roster lists both guys as 6’3/230. But on TV Bywater looks way smaller than Pili. Amazingly after being 1st team all state in 2016, somehow Bywater is still just a freshman. Like Pili, Bywater was extremely highly recruited in HS by P5 programs. Let’s all root for the kid and hope 1) he can stay healthy and 2) he fulfills what are now giant expectations.

We were able to stop them once the subs settled in. Hopefully the other defensive injuries aren’t serious. We will see how deep we are. So far so good.