Answer a question for me

Financial aid rules were also adjusted to help allow teams to carry more members on scholarship, helping programs accommodate both incoming recruits and student-athletes who wish to return for a final season of eligibility. In addition, the NCAA council increased the roster limit in baseball to accommodate for student-athletes impacted by the COVID-19. It’s the only spring sport with a roster limitation.

Does this mean that BYU football can have more scholarship players because of the virus sending all the missionaries home?

OR am I just misreading it?

I read the article and I don’t think your question was answered. I think there is real concern that there won’t be a fall sports season for colleges this year. So why get too particular right now about what could be a moot point. I read somewhere that fall sports should be decided on by the NCAA by about 5/1/20.

I was just wondering because here in Utah, the local sports are talking about how Kalani is in a tough spot because those scholarship athletes he thought was going to be on a mission is now home and waiting to come to BYU.

Since the current limit is 85 scholarships, what happens now?

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