Any doubt about Democrat Fascism?

Google, Apple and others have silenced conservative site Parler. While Tiktok has free rights even though controlled by the China Communist Party. While others have silenced President Trump. Democrats are calling for Cruz and Holly to be kicked out of Congress for challenging the election. Trump is going to be impeached a week before leaving office. This totalitarian Democrat Party needs to be stopped. The question is how?

Right now, there is no legal way to stop them and I am NOT implying anything illegally. We will have to see it the country rights itself, partially, in two years unless the liberal democrats find ways legally and illegally to stop that.

I think with the way people minds are now, the Tech companies like google, Twitter, Facebook will end up defending their stance before SCOTUS at some time.

I may also remind people that not so long ago, everyone thought Microsoft was untouchable. They were the mammoth Tech company doing pretty much what they wanted to do. Well, until they upset a few congressmen and was brought before the FTC in which they got fried on Anti Trust lawsuit.

Lawsuits have already begun. But, there is also a lot of chatter out there about some potential violent civil unrest. The left are cornering the Right with full alienation which will cause the a violent civil war that the left actually want. They are following Aulinsky’s “Rules for Radicals “ to a tee.