Any Final 4s in BYU's future?

here’s some ammo for Jim.

For BYU to even be considered seriously, they will need to beat Gonzaga in the WCC, end of subject.

I read the article much differently.

The conference championship was only part of one of his main points. Winning the conference championship feeds into getting a high seed.

BYU has beat Gonzaga almost every year in regular season. Coach Rose has easily the best record against Coach Few of any of the coaches in the conference.

BYU’s sweet 16 teams who have gotten good seed for the dance also didn’t win the conference tournaments…;

The only thing BYU needs to do to make the final 4 is the same thing that every other team does.

Win 4 straight games in the NCAA tournament.

To do that
a high seed helps
NBA caliber players help
previous successful experience in the tournament for both players and coaches help.

NBA talent on BYU’s squad…this year…questionable at best
high seed…given lack of experience…seriously questionable this year…next year or the following not so much
previously successful experience in the tournament for coaches…does 4-8 at the NCAA tournament count? …questionable
previous successful experience in the tournament for players…not even part of the equation for this years squad…future years…do blue goggles count?

The best part of your response was to win 4 games in the NCAA Tournament. That’s it! That’s the ticket!

NBA-caliber talent?

There are very few NBA-caliber players that stay at a college longer than one year. They usually go to places like Duke and Kentucky. Then those schools have more scholarship openings for NBA-caliber talent. If is seems like certain schools have a monopoly on NBA-caliber talent, there is some truth to that.

Here are some comments about seedings.

14 and below–no team seeded 14 or lower has ever made the elite 8
12 and below–no team seeded 12 or lower has ever made the final 4
9 and lower–no team seeded 9 or lower has ever made it to the championship game
8–only 1 team, Villanova in 1985, won the championship as an 8 seed

Therefore, the magic number for an NCAA seeded to obtain is 7 or higher.


2016 NBA draft
16 taken direct from foreign teams
14 1 and done 10 first round 4 second
31 schools overall
The one and dones attended
California, Duke, Florida State, Kansas, Kentucky, Kentucky, LSU, Marquette, Maryland, Michigan State, Syracuse, UNLV, Washington, Washington

so while I agreed with your general impression of the draft, I wondered how accurate the impression was…my impression is that obviously there is a kernel of truth but that Washington has as many one and done as Kentucky and that their are 12 schools represented in the 14 students…the kernel is just a kernel and not the whole truth.

2 days before football season begins and I am posting in the basketball section.

My opinion is that, much like BYU’s national championship in football, it would have been a lot easier to make a final four appearance 30 years ago than it is presently.

Sports’ has gone completely mad in today’s world… the money, the obsession, the focus and priority that our society has placed on “Sports” is out of control. There is way too much at stake for the ncaa or anyone else involved to allow a team like BYU to make it to the final four, let alone win a title.

I don’t want this next comment to be harsh or to dash the hopes of BYU fans, but I find many Cougar fans to be delusional a lot of the time about what to expect. I think it is okay to hope for the best but too often BYU fans expect it. So here it is…

BYU will NEVER make it to a final four and they won’t win a football national championship again. You heard it here first.

Every D1 school gets 13 scholarships…roughly 3 or 4 new scholarships per year. Most schools have 2 or 3 walk-ons and carry a roster of 15-16. If you have a single 1 and done every year, and then force a low-performer to transfer that could allow the school to sign 5 new players every spring. I am sure that programs like Duke count on this happening.

There were probably a lot of other underclassmen who played more than 1 year taken in the draft as well.

If a player really can make it in the NBA, why stay in college and put off making some big money until you have a degree? You can use your NBA money to get a degree. (As if that is going to happen.)