Any predictions on WVU

This is a game ESPN favors BYU. WVU apparently just got a guy back who is 6’11” and scored 25 against Cincinnati the other day. According to Pope he is a game changer for them. BYU has to be ready to play and needs to be able to score inside like they did against Texas in the event the 3s aren’t falling.

I never make predictions on BYU games because I can’t be objective. I am either overly optimistic or overly fearful like I am concerning today’s game.

As you should be. Edwards is their inside game. I really like the WV coach. He is going to make the WV team a good one. They showed Bobby Huskins at the game as well as the announcer Jay Jacobs.

Jacobs head the record for most points in a HS game for over 67 years. played against Jerry West in HS championships and called games for 50 years.
Jay Jacobs: Celebrating 50 Years of College Basketball Broadcasting - BVM Sports