Anybody know what’s going on with Traore?

He sat at the end of the Creighton game and didn’t dress last night. I can’t find any news anywhere.

I think I read lower torso problem. Nothing more specific than that.

I wonder if he plays tomorrow against Utah?

Don’t know. He’s had a foot problem as well. Oh, and hurt his hand too. Just getting banged up. I think he will play.

As I recall, Foos had lower back issues last year.
Utah has a better offense and much better defense. 7’ Carlson will have Atiki fouled out by halftime.
The only thing we have going for us is this game is played at home. Utah has exactly one road game. a WSU overtime 67-65 defensive win.

It’s this simple. BYU is 3 centric. Robison and Waterman can only score from 3. If the 3s are falling BYU wins. If they don’t, 0 chance.

How long before Pope starts Saunders over Robinson?

I forgot about the game last night and started watching the archived game on BYUTV this morning just to find out what the issue is with Foos and they said what Grasshopper said. I hope he plays tomorrow. I guess there is no chance Johnson plays. With both of them BYU might have a good chance, otherwise not much chance. Utah is much better this year than last year. They beat Arizona.

Fouss had a “minor groin strain” and was held out on a purely precautionary basis. He is expected to start vs Utah.

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