Anyone catch the Idaho Famous Potato bowl?

Good thing I did not bet money on that game. Idaho buried CSU but the real story is just how dangerous the BSU field was. Probably 20 guys were injured from, I’m guessing here, Ice on the field and on that painted 4 foot white sideline. painful to watch

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Maybe somebody should file a lawsuit and get that stupid blue turf removed permanently.

It was kind of a fun idea at first but obviously it doesn’t make any sense.

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BSU should tear it up, put real grass in. Hate that place but then where would Boney Fuller get his material from?

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I don’t have a problem with the Blue turf, but it is in horrible condition … that is where the problem lies!

I told everyone a few months ago that Boise was a mediocre team this year…

They sure looked dismal tonight. The phantom penalty on running into the punter didn’t help at all either. That call has to be in the to 10 worst of this season.