Anyone notice Mangum kneeling at end of game?

The last series Tanner came in to kneel and run out the clock. His redshirt option is officially no more.

Hmmmm…what are the rules? That would be a real bone head play if they wanted him to redshirt.

Who knows, what are the redshirt rules? Doesn’t a player have to play so many minutes or quarters to be ineligible for a redshirt rule? What is it rule knowers?

One off-beat POSSIBILITY is that Tanner told Sitake he would not redshirt this year and plans to play only next year. This is my own wild imagination playing out. But something extraordinary is going on for him to come in for a kneel down or two and burn a redshirt for that.

Tanner issued a tweet saying he already told the coaches he would not RS. His reason is he is already 23.

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He will play 2 years

IF Mangum has a big year next year, my bet is he will go to the NFL. If he is concerned about his age that is the only thing that makes sense. He is taking a bullet for the team this year.

Ummm…no. He won’t have the experience to go NFL. He will be at BYU for 2 years.
What on earth did Mangum do last year that warrants the idea of him going pro after only two non-consecutive years playing?

Just don’t understand why you are so down on Tanner. You have bad mouthed him many times in the past 4 or 5 months. Bet if he starts next year, you will be defending him. :sunglasses:

Where have I bad mouthed him? Hill is simply more diverse and a better athlete. Tanner will do well next year watching and observing Hill. He does need to work on his foot speed.

grasshopper: “Where have I bad mouthed him? Hill is simply more diverse and a better athlete.” Here is one example: "Hill is simply more diverse and a better athlete. That is your OPINION. Other examples are several instances where you have opined that Tanner could not do such and such in the various games this year. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone else knows what Tanner could have done or not have done in any of the games he has NOT played in this year.

Obviously you do not understand the term “athlete” or “athletic.” If you did you would agree with the other 99% that Hill is more athletic. That isn’t a knock on Tanner nor is it just my opinion.

It is your OPINION until you have the expertize to assess him AND you have the actual eyeball experience over a good deal of time to actually witness his actions on the practice field and on the gridiron. TV doesn’t cut it for actually assessing athleticism. And your 99% figure is a figment of your imagination. Also there is not one solitary athleticism, there are several and to say what you have said is a gross overgeneralization. Hill was / is a great athlete and he may well be more athletic in several ways than Tanner. And I get it Scott, you are a defender of the status quo. Your problem is that you write as if you are Edwards, Mendenhall and Sitake all rolled into one and you are NOT an expert, as I nor any of the other good folks who post here are experts. And even if you were an expert, you would only be one of many, many experts. While it is possible that with Tanner we could be 0 and 6 on the year, it is possible that we could be 6 and 0. But you cannot even state that POSSIBILITY. And that is the difference between us. I know you will respond with a jab or 2 or 3 at me and that is fine, go for it.

Being an athlete and a former coach and teacher of athletes, I know the level of athleticism when I see it.

Sorry, not good enough. I am the son of a small college QB coach and assisted him for 7 years. I wrestled and ran track in high school and for a couple of years in college. So for both of us, so what? You and I have opinions and nothing more.

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Didn’t learn anything :wink:
You should then be able to easily recognize talent and the levels of talent. Thus, Hill has more talent :slight_smile:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

I disagree and think this statement is nonsense. Look at all the success rookie QB’s are having in the nfl this season. They obviously don’t need all this so called “experience” to be effective. Yes it helps but you are mistaken with your comment. Also, Hill could have been doing this all season long. He had way too many blown opportunities to help the team win games they lost. No reason they should have lost to Utah… or the other 2 for that matter. Had Hill only been average those games BYU would be 6-0. I don’t have a problem giving him props for his game yesterday because he deserved it. Likewise he earned the criticism in the losses this season. You take the good and you take the bad and you try to get better as a team. I hope he can continue his ways.

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One season in College isn’t the same as those QB rookies in the NFL that had 3 and 4 years in a row in college. Taysom will be at BYU for 2 more years.
Those games were lost because of 3 reasons:

  1. No rhythm in the offense. Should have run the hurry up for the first few games at least.
  2. Taysom wasn’t allowed to run very much and still wasn’t in the MSU first half. Both Toledo and MSU games he was only allowed to run in the 2nd half.
  3. Poor coaching decisions to go for 2 points in 2 of the 3 games. UCLA see the first two.

The BYU team has found its identity and is confident. Wish we could have started the season with where we are today and things would be very different. Hill has improved, the O-line has probably made the most improvement, Detmer has things figured out it seems. The killer game was Utah but I’m over it now and just enjoying where we are. I’m glad we still have good teams to play and I’m enjoying a special season for Jamaal. I’m also pretty optimistic for the future of BYU football. I think Sitaki has the program headed in the right direction. By the way, I still want to see Hill throwing a jump ball to Kaufusi when we are close to the goal and just need a couple of yards to score or get a first down, Kaufusi is the biggest mismatch on the field. That play and giving it to Williams to run should be the short-yardage plays for BYU. Algae Brown is a big kid but, surprisingly, he is not as good in short yardage plays as you would think.

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