Anyone watch Media Day and the 1996 tribute show?

I know it’s all hype, but it was pretty fun watching all the coaching staff (each had their own segment).

Sounds like we are going back to the basics and not some “latest fad” on Offense…

Look Korama(Sp?) is back… A little weak on the O-line with Johnson and Koroma being out.

But the good news is that we will be bringing back the Tight End…

The 1996 team tribute was a blast to see just how “old” those guys are… some though looks like they could suit right up… LOL

Yeah I watched it. It was fun to get some new information at a time of year when everything seems slow sports-wise. I really liked the segment with Ronny Jenkins. He also had a great interview on SN on Friday. He was probably the fastest player ever to don a cougar uniform. He said the fastest 40 he had was a 4.19 and that he slowed down at the end. He also had been clocked other times at 4.3. I suspect a 4.3 was more accurate but that is still flying. It would be great to have another running back with elite speed like Ronny had.

As far as this season goes, I am ratcheting-down my expectations. Unlike Bronco, Sitake will not be talking about National Championships or alluding to a top ten finish. He will just go play the game–no projections. But, that’s not why I am lowering my expectations. I just think this new staff will have to figure out how to work together and how to prepare for games and attack on both sides of the ball. Bronco was a great defensive football mind. I think Tuiaki will have his challenges in matching Bronco’s defense. However, I think Sitake will be able to upgrade the talent so that may compensate. I think Detmer will settle in to be a very good offensive coordinator. I just don’t know how many games that will take. It really helps that we have experienced QBs so that will help bolster Detmer’s start. It looks more and more like Hill will be the starter. Hill will probably improvise and just make plays when nothing is there. Now that we have a healthy Jamaal coming back and a good back-up RB, Squally Canada, I think our running game will be very solid. I don’t know what we’ll see come September. I just know I am looking forward to the season…come what may.