Anyone watching the basketball game?

What has happened to BYU’s shooting? We even miss layups. Short, long. It’s getting rediculous!

Ack-Toolson hits couple of big 3s and gets a seat-go figure Rose-maybe I could shoot the fts

Ugly free throws again.

Okay, overall a solid game. Now if we see two in a row, I will begin to change my opinion.

Second half by far the best of the year. Collinsworth and Emery where big and Fisher finally played ball.

Also, rose made a few defense adjustments to double more down low and force harder to make passes.

Just much better spacing and hustle both ends. That second half team can play with most teams, and was fun to watch.

Yeah, so much for those lousy lone Peak local players.

Example of what can happen when you play better defense and hit your shots. Emery is going to set some records. Nice to see Fischer break out of his slump. Now check out a road game against Utah. Just play within the system.

Not sure what you’re referring to. I like Emery. I even like Nate Austin. I don’t think we have any other Lone Peak players right now.

BYU actually played like they wanted to win the Belmont game.

Austin scored 0 and did little else. I’m tired of Rose playing a 6th year senior that can’t give us anything instead of Kaufusi at the end of games.

They are slowly figuring things out. KC is much more comfortable out there and so is Emery. The others will come along.

I was responding to the individual who apparently thinks that I dislike the Lone Peak players, not addressing the relative value of the players.
With that said, I like having Austin available down low. I agree that ideally Kaufusi should be playing more minutes and I have also wondered why they are playing Austin instead of Kaufusi. Austin works hard on defense and typically rebounds well, however, I think Kaufusi gives us all of that plus scoring. The only thing I can come up with is that maybe Kaufusi is still feeling the effects of his preseason injury and it is limiting his minutes late in some games. Otherwise, I’m drawing a blank.
This game is definitely a step in the right direction. However, I thought that we had already moved in the right direction after Adams State. Now, I’m hoping to see them put together a string of good games before I move back towards my preseason optimism.

My bad, Richard. I was confusing you with KC Black, who also thinks this is a bad team and that we suffer from “Lazy Recruiting” and that Rose has lost his mind when he gives 3 scholarships to Emery, Mica, and TJ Haws, all from the Lone Peak National champion team.

Emery was the Utah player of the year twice and so was TJ Haws. I could see this coming from a mile away.

I guess he thinks that they should have recruited players from outside Utah. If only we had players from California, Arizona, Georgia, Colorado, Washington, Idaho, West Virginia and Oklahoma on the team. We would have a shot at a good team if more than half of the players were from outside Utah. Wait, we do have players from all those states and more than half the players are from out of state. The coaches must actually travel outside of Utah for recruiting. Who knew? :open_mouth:

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Ya, who knew :smile:
And, if Lone Peak was the #1 high school team in the country, I would hope we could recruit the best from them. Or, should we let Gonzaga and others get them?