Anyone watching the NBA finals?

I don’t watch it, but I do follow it…

I would love to have a Minnesota vs Indiana final, for the simple reason it would blow the minds of all the NBA’s front office!

They do their best to get the TV market teams into the finals.

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Just shows it’s not fixed like so many think it is.

I probably won’t watch a minute of it. I intensely dislike the NBA. I was pulling for Denver but it looks like they choked. Since I live in Texas I will root for Dallas, however, in general I am indifferent to the whole thing. The last time I really cared much was when Utah had Stockton and Malone. I liked San Antonio until Popovich revealed that he is a left wing jacka$$ like Phil Jackson. Too many of these guys actually think they are really bright about things outside basketball. Very few of them are, and when they step outside their role as coaches they are often
Insufferable pseudo-intellectuals, or irritating hypocritical woke buffoons who make millions in endorsements through the Red Chinese while ignoring the oppression of the Chinese government towards its own impoverished citizenry.

I enjoy the NHL much more but even the NHL
Is getting too woke.

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The NBA is rigged, not fixed.

There is a difference. Of course they wanted the Nuggets and Knicks to make it there. Don’t forget that this is just the conference finals, not the final Finals. Boston will more than likely beat Indiana but that isn’t a given. Boston is a good team but they have players who don’t shine when the going gets tough. Also, Dallas is a good team but Minnesota is better. Denver really choked. At one point late in the game I think Towns and Gobert had 11 fouls combined and Jokic had just one? The overall count was even, as it usually is because the league has to make it look fair. The reason Denver lost is because their 3 starters other than Jokic and Murray did nothing. Minnesota is better defense and they had balanced scoring with 6 players in double figures to Denvers 2.

As for the Knicks they weren’t that good to start with. Brunson had carried them and they had too many injuries. In the end, Indiana was a better team. The league can’t fix games. It would be too obvious. They CAN rig games to help the teams they want to win but that doesn’t mean those teams will win.

I know the Hopper doesn’t understand the difference between fixed and rigged but there is one regardless.

There’s not much difference. If the NBA really wanted to rig the system to get the most money involved, they would have had LA in the finals and the Knicks or Boston every year.

They did that all through the 1960-1980’s… Who was always in the finals? Boston, LA and Knicks.

That’s because they could buy the best players. Now days, most cities can do the same thing with the internet and technology the way it is. Where I saw rigging was when the commissioner wouldn’t let Chris Paul come and play with the Lakers. That was rigging to keep the league more level.

Here is the list of Champions since 2010:
2010 Los Angeles Lakers (Kobe) vs Boston Celtics
2011 Dallas Mavericks (Dirk Nowitzki) vs Miami Heat (Lebron)
2012 Oklahoma City Thunder vs Miami Heat (Lebron)
2013 San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat (Lebron)
2014 San Antonio Spurs vs Miami Heat (Lebron)
2015 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron)
2016 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron)
2017 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron)
2018 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Cleveland Cavaliers (Lebron)
2019 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Toronto Raptors
2020 Los Angeles Lakers (Lebron) vs Miami Heat
2021 Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks (Antetokounmpo)
2022 Golden State Warriors (Curry) vs Boston Celtics
2023 Denver Nuggets (Jokic) vs Miami Heat (Butler)

What does the championship have in common?

  1. Large TV Market teams, the two smallest San Antiono and OKC, they were in the mid TV markets.
  2. The “Star” that the NBA pushed on the fans, and was the face of the NBA was on at least one of the teams. Lebron James, Stephen Curry, Jokic, Butler, Kobe Bryant,

Don’t see your point. Places like Cleveland can buy their marketplace with a James. There isn’t much LA nor Boston. Now, back to the point that in the past like in the 50’s - 80’s you would see LA and the big TV markets back East. Thanks for making my point.