Appendicitis.... can anyone relate?

A week ago at this time I was laying in the hospital recovering from an emergency appendectomy. I feel loads better today, a week later, but still have some residual discomfort likely on account of my age more than anything else. Recovery times for any injury just take a little bit longer than they did a few years ago.

Anyhow, my insistence on “gutting it out” when I thought I might have food poisoning probably made the situation worse when I went to the emergency last friday night. Also, having a friend working the ER that night helped as well.

Anyone relate? The pain was pretty intense last week…

I had mine out between my Junior and Senior year of high school. Thought it was the flu. Went to the doctor and he checked my right side and it was tender. So, he did a blood panel and a few minutes later said go to the hospital. In 1970, it took longer to recover. I was in the hospital several days. Today, you are out quickly. Back then, I had to wait 6 weeks to throw anything. I didn’t believe him. After 4 weeks, I thought I could throw a dart at balloons at our towns Citrus Festival carnival. OUCH!!! I was showing off to my girlfriend :rofl: bad move. After 6 weeks, I was good to go.

8 years later, Marc Wilson had an appendectomy 3.5 weeks prior to the season and played in the first game. Great strides were made quickly.

You’re just a softy so sit back and relax. Some guys say they feel like a girl afterwards. Good to have you back again.

I had mine out when I was in the third grade–over 55 years ago. I had some complications–the appendix burst during the operation–and I had to spend one month in the hospital. I had a huge bandage, an IV the first week, tubes coming out my mouth and nostrils to drain the gunk, and a six-inch incision. My diet consisted of chicken broth, jello, and tea for every meal after the IV was taken out. More than anything, I hated the nurses. They were not kind to an eight-year-old boy.

It was a major surgery back then. Big scars. Hawks will have a tiny mark and be up and around in a week. If he’s not a big baby. So, did you end up marrying a nurse? :sunglasses:

Over the past few years, I have had to have several surgeries. Your right, we don’t “spring back” as we once did… Now it is more like a slow crawl to recovery.

I had my appendix out on June 6th, 1975.
The reason I remember that date is because it happened the night I graduated from High School. Now just think how boring graduation speakers are anyways, then add to the fact that you are in a lot of pain. The dam speakers seemed to go on for eternity.

Sorry you had to go through that Jim, hope you are the mend

Whoa, sounds like you were lucky to make it out alive. Bummer about the nurses, especially for an 8 year old kid. My nurses were great. They laughed at my jokes, were attentive and seemed to like being there doing their job.


I went to my nieces graduation a week ago and it took so long for them to call out all the names (it was in Canyon Country/Valencia area) that they almost didn’t have time for the speakers. They had to set up for another graduation the next night too so they chased us out. All of the HS graduations took place at College of the Canyons football field and there were several I think. One reason it took so long is there were a lot of hard to pronounce names, etc. California is an international melting pot. It is amazing and surprising how many different nationalities and races live here now.

By the way, I am fine. I saw the ER doc at the AP commemoration last week and he said the surgeon told him it was a really difficult operation compared to most appendectomies he had done. I have two minor scars on the left side of my abdomen and one that will be forever hidden in my belly button!

We’re talking February 1967 and I don’t think kindness toward kids was encouraged at the time. At least that’s how I perceived my stay.

Glad you are doing well… us spring chickens are not as good as recovery we use too.

They weren’t laughing at your jokes. You had boogers hanging out if your nose :rofl:

Okay. Have you been watching the Scripps spelling bee? You need to use a spell checker or go back to school and learn how to spell.


“If” is spelled correctly. It should be “of” but that just means I have big fingers :thinking:

There are many examples in here of your “big” fingers. This was just the most current one.

The reason I bring it up is that most of us here have a difficult time understanding your comments in the first place, let alone the ones that contain misspelled words.

You were a teacher for some time, right?

I was a math and PE teacher. And, I let the computer-phone do fixing. It it doesn’t then it’s my fingers. Everyone understands me.