Approaching the new 2019 Football season

I still, (even after the disappointment of the past two seasons)
but with some degree of hope, after beating a mid-major team from a lemonade mid-major conference, with great success,

I do indeed see staying in the orange juice contest, using our best lemons that the nation has to offer, as a much better option, playing major teams, than winning almost every Lemonade Contest, in the mid-majors, using those same lemons.

When we play, (usually), mid-major teams that play with their lemons, we do quite well. Our lemons seem to be, on the most part, better than theirs. We stumble most, (not always) when we play major teams that use mostly all sweet oranges to compete.

Orange juice is naturally much sweeter, while it takes sugar or sugar substitutes to down a glass of lemonade.

Watching true sweetness perform is much more rewarding than watching contest using sugar or sugar substitutes pretending to be sugar.

I believe that we should continue to compete in orange juice contest using the best lemons in the nation and end up with almost half losses while assuring ourselves at least half victories, instead of going back to lemonade contest with mid-majors, even if we were to win almost all of them and guarantee ourselves each season, a meaningless bowl.

But oh, how much better it would be, if someone was smart enough to figure out a way, to get sweet oranges to come and play for us. Yes, we need more oranges than lemons if we are to win the sweet orange juice contest ahead of us.

Thanks for reading.


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