Are we mature enough to discuss Coronavirus 19

I am one questioning the response to this virus with respect to other pandemics like the H1N1 Swine flu and the Ebola outbreak. On other forums including Facebook many feel as I do. Why this virus? Why this one? What are the long term consequences to our country and our liberties. I’m looking at the big picture. I’m open to what others think without personally attacking you. Understand Floyd?

Is this the desolating scourge the scriptures speak of? I don’t know. The numbers don’t seem to justify the hysteria but I know nothing about viruses. Are men’s hearts failing them as prophecy predicts? It seems the reaction is worse than the reality but again I don’t know. The whole world seems to be in a state of turmoil. Whether it is rational or justifiable I don’t know but it is consistent with prophecy.

March madness was cancelled about 1/2 an hour ago. I guess if we want sports we will have to watch ESPN classic and replays of old games.

I have some questions about the response but when the Church takes the steps it is taking even suggesting in many areas that elderly people stay home from meetings I take notice.

Nice post. Much appreciated.
I agree on the panic. Our Costco was jam packed today with a line to get in rapped around the block. Most people were leaving with water and toilet paper. Seems like a mental illness of anxiety pandemic. The escalation of this anxiety by shutting down all sporting events creates more anxiety and mental illness.

China and S. Korea’s numbers are going down. Hopefully same will happen in the U.S.

I’m still wondering about the timing. It starts in China where we just win a big trade war. Democrats and the media are relentless attacking Trump. They can’t take down Trump with Russia mental illness or Impeachment illness. So, they are punching him with a falling economy. I wish I didn’t have to talk about a conspiracy but what is a better way to destroy capitalism and liberty.

Being 69 years old I probably have a little different view than you do. I am in the demographic that is at risk just due to age. I am not going nuts buying large supplies of things and I do believe the media has over hyped this. We (meaning my wife and I) always try to keep essentials in stock anyway. That is in keeping with the church’s counsel for many many years. Now there is a panic by people who haven’t had the benefit of the counsel of living apostles and prophets. There are so many unforeseen reasons to follow the prophets. Maybe the reaction to things can be as bad or worse than the thing itself.

My wife and I are 66. And yes, the people are behaving irrationally especially the sports personnel and universities. It’s called group psychosis due to acute anxiety brought on by the media and liberal members of the NBA leadership and team owners who hate Trump. The universities are run by the liberal left and hate Trump. The NCAA is controlled by the universities and they hate Trump because they are liberal left Democrats. It’s a conspiracy.

Hopper may be right. I’m definitely following this thread.

Last night, I played in a rec league basketball game. After the game ended at 10 pm, I said to my teammates, “This was the last game that will be played in the US for several months.”

The ones that are hurt by this are the athletes, employees and fans. The bosses are all financial set and don’t care as long as they can get back in control of their crony capitalism or establish socialism. Guys like Marc Cuban will be the pigs (Animal Farm)

I’m gonna add in here that our current QB has acknowledged that he had the virus over the summer. I am glad he is better now but is there some reason he caught it having friends over for a gambling party?


Where are the standards and ideals in today’s generation?

you would be surprised how many members play "Texas Hold’em’

10 years ago, I would have been surprised but nothing church member do now surprises me - nothing.

So, will he sit for the game with Troy?