Arizona State is looking good

Arizona State is just marching down the field. They look very good against a awesome Stanford team. I hope they continue to win against all their foes so BYUs win will have greater weight.

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Sanford beat Oregon but Arizona State beat Stanford handily. I like McKee the quarterback for Stanford. He is a returned missionary. I think they have another member, Heimuli(?). I like Standord but I am glad they lost

Sorry I missed this, all good posts. Did not know the Stanford QB was an RM.

BYU pressured the ASU QB all game long, did not give him time. It is a wonderment and a bewilderment that BYU does not do this in the USU and BSU games. We were WAY ahead in the takeaways, now we are just plain average. Maybe Bronco whispered in our ear, “Football and winning is far from the biggest priority for our football team”. God, our family, the missionary program, welfare, the widows, then maybe think about winning a game, or something to that effect.

Right now ASU, Oregon & Utah appear to be the class of the PAC 12, however, nobody in that league is what I would call a playoff contender unless Oregon or ASU finish up unbeaten and win the rest of their games decisively. ASU did look very good and made BYU’s win look very good. Unfortunately BYU played on Saturday, or maybe they didn’t play and that was the problem. Maybe they just showed up.

Gabe Reid is a returned missionary and DE for Stanford. He is from American Fork and some say he’s an NFL player. His dad Spencer Reid was a 2 year starting LB for BYU. His uncle also named Gabe Reid played TE for BYU and had a good NFL career and is now a mission president.

McKee was a high 4 star recruit out of HS nationally recognized as one of the top 40 players and top 5 QB in the country. BYU recruited him but was never really in the running. On the Stanford Football site there is a link to this story about McKee’s mission:

I think it goes unsaid that to become a legitimate top 20 team year in and out, BYU at the very least needs to get the top LDS players. I think being in the Big12 will help.

Stanford actually has at least 6 kids from Utah on the roster, including a Heimuli, Reid, Damuni, and Kaufusi–ALL BYU legacy football families…BYU needs to be getting all those kids…:frowning:

And 5 of the 6 from Utah are RMs–basically Stanford is just going to kids in BYU’s back yard who in years past would have automatically gone to BYU and is saying, “Hey, we are in a real conference AND you’ll get a better degree, and we are 100% supportive of your decision to serve a mission.” Good for Stanford by the way.

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Maybe they will now transfer to BYU :slight_smile: