Arkansas Recap—Not Good

Epps and Puka are for real. But that’s not the news today.

As I predicted: Kalani would make NO CHANGES or improvements defensively, BYU would play the passive game, Arkansas would run at will, and BYU’s intentional lack of pressure would make KJJ look like a HOFer.

52 points
12/15 on third down
644 yards
277 yards rushing
6.6 yards per rush
367 yards passing
9 yards per pass attempt
Score 8 possessions in a row (7 TD)

So disappointed Sitake lacked the courage to make ANY changes in the defensive game plan. Can’t wait to hear his same lame quotes on Monday (it’s on me, I have to fix things, etc etc).

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I don’t disagree with anything you say, including lame Monday.

The best of all is when Kalani will say on Monday, “I got to figure out a way to fix this problem”. for the 5th straight week.

I think the issue here is that blood is thicker than water and while I love Kalani as a coach, I have a difficult tie with his decisions regarding how the tea is being run on both sides of the ball. The defense is mostly killing this team every game. It was a horrible performance today… no pressure on the QB when he dropped back to pass and slow reaction when Arkansas ran the ball. This was like a scrimmage for the razorbacks, they looked so relaxed and comfortable with everything BYU was doing.

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This is from Harmon’s article: “ Sitake may need to be more assertive in the defensive meetings come Monday.”

Understatement of the year. Sitake seems so overmatched every time we play a good team.

Nice to see Harmon just ransack Sitake, the “defense,” and the effort today. FINALLY the media says what most of us have been saying many of us have been saying on this board for a long time now.

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Today I came to the realization that I have almost every year about this time: I spend too much time and emotion worrying about something I have no control over. In a perfect world BYU would win every game, Utah would lose every game, and Boise would lose every game.

I have no reason to even follow Utah or BSU except that I occasionally interact with their fans. That’s my second biggest mistake.

I love college football and always have. I was a paid head coach for many years and love the game. I love byu and always root for the football team. But I don’t get my identity from BYU’s performance. I watch for fun. Period. And Sitake /Tuiaki have turned this team into something worse than “not fun.” So I’m gonna spout off because it’s fun to interact with and learn from you guys.

Sitake’s quotes make it sound like he was surprised at what he saw today. What a lie. He said he approved the game plan, which was exactly the same as the last month, and it’s failed every week……. We ALL KNEW what would happen, and sure enough it did.

Tuiaki has to go. Sitake seems like an absolutely wonderful guy who is in it too deep.

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How can a game plan of “let the opposing offense do whatever they want to” work? Opposing coaches and players have to be licking their chops whenever they watch game film of BYU’s defense.

“Watch this guys, there is virtually no pass rush or pressure on the QB. The pass defense is soft, we can run to open spots on the field and nobody will guard us. I see us being able to accumulate at least 500+ yards of offense and scoring multiple touchdowns. This is going to be fun”

I mean seriously, that is what they have to look forward to. I’m sure Liberty is thinking right now… look who is coming to town! We could only muster 21 points against Gardner Webb because they actually played defense, BYU will let us score that many in the first quarter if we want to. This is going to be fun!

It sounds crazy but that is where we are at right now and it is absolutely mind boggling…

Lest anyone forget, BYU is averaging (thanks to Arkansas) giving up more than 30 points a game on defense. All that in spite of what seemed like some decent games by the defense. Apparently those games were an anomaly. Many teams have their best offensive performances against BYU and anyone who is being honest could see what the game was yesterday. Arkansas did what they wanted to do and there was zero change in approach or strategy on BYU defensive side of the ball.

Where are thawk and fish? Let’s hear it men.

Well, we got a lead and why were we unable to keep the lead against an equally poor defense of Arkansas? Because on that given day, again, our offense was less disciplined. Fumbling balls under center? How? And Hall’s shoulder issue. He was throwing darts at times. No excuse there. Offensive play calling at times in each game is puzzling.
We know the problems on defense and so does Sitaki. But why the problems on the offense with this team?
And Fish is a man. Thawk is a space alien :ghost:

in the desnews today Kalani said " ALL options are on the table including taking over as DC".

He should have done that after the Oregon game and definitely before the ND game. And what about the offense with all the great players we have? What’s their problem?

I am not sure Aaron Roderick is that good… after all he did get fired from Utah.

He did well the first year. But since then, he’s made a lot of questionable calls.

As I mentioned in another thread, at times I felt that Gary Crowton was making the decisions.

I found it interesting that Sitaki said the fumbled snap on 4th and 1 at our own 34 came because the ball was never supposed to be snapped. It was supposed to be just an attempt to draw them offside and if it didn’t work, they were going to call timeout and punt. Tukafua played center as conner pay was out, but still, that’s either extremely poor discipline or even worse communication.

I will say with almost 100 % accuracy that the whole “review” process was a SEC officials screw job.

in the NCAA they tell the umpire to mark the closet has mark where the line judge marks it.

that is why the nose of the ball is always on the front of the yard line.

I believe BYU made the first down (where the ball was at the time the player was down by contact).

marking it at the 6 inches short was bush league.

Would it have made any difference if we kicked? The defense couldn’t stop them anyways. Might as well go for the first down.

It is kind of "dammed if you do OR dammed if you dont " type scenario :thinking:

I said before the Ark game that it would be the final straw for BYU’s ridiculous defensive scheme and hopefully the end of Tui. I hope they carry through with it! Tui has to go. The problem is who do we put into the DC role? Bronco might be an option. But he is somewhat problematic in that he is so quirky that he won’t put the best defenders/athletes on the field unless he likes them. He is always looking for the underdog and traditionally better athletes are left on the bench. But he can coach defense so he is an option. Tui is just so bad and he is not salvageable either.

We have the athletes. The scheme to me isn’t the problem like the 3-8 defense. I saw the Bills do it well. What the problem is the players aren’t able to run it and be in the right places. Even when we have 4 or 5 on the line we end up hesitating where we should be and our reaction times are slow and hesitant. Then, there is the tackling issue. Are the players thinking they don’t have to work hard in practice and the game because they are better athletes than those behind them? Maybe Bronco was looking for the hungry good athletes that would perform better as a “team” and be in the right places.