Ashley Madison deal is pretty crazy

Seeing that Duggar guy go down is pretty crazy, but now there are multiple BYU folks also linked to the latest release of info. We could see a few donors to the program not as involved going forward. Apparently some credit card info from some former players is also out there.

I’m old fashion in my thinking but guys if you are going to cheat, do it the old fashion way. Don’t think anything you do online is 100% safe from detection. And once again we see those who preach the hardest against something, usually struggle with that same issue, reaction formation doesn’t just apply to extreme homophobes, it’s present in multiple cases of religious zealots fighting their fight. When in secret they are what they claim to hate.

As an IT Security Professional, this is what seems apparent to me.

-Ashley Madison’s parent company did not take all of the proper steps to secure their data. Lawsuits are coming. They did a poor job of screening potential employees. It was likely an inside job.

-People have the attitude that those who will be exposed ‘had it coming,’ but that will not be a viable defense for the company. People trusted Ashley Madison to keep their secrets. In the long run, it was the company that had it coming.

-The hackers had an agenda. They wanted to expose people who preach “morality” but fall short.

-Nothing you do online is 100% safe from detection, but any company you work with online has a duty to protect the data that you provide them. Lawsuits have been rare in the past, but that is coming to an end. Hackers are getting more sophisticated, but so are protection technologies.

-Be careful who you trust.

I agree with you to an extent, but I think your assumption is based more on perception than reality. That assumption, unfortunately, has the potential to create a situation where people are silenced for fear of speaking out against evil because of the perception that they might be guilty of the very thing they speak out against. Using the “homophobe” reaction formation argument is an example of this.

This likely contributes to the ongoing problem of standing up for what is right and being persecuted for it, which leads to the perception of evil being portrayed as good and vice versa.

While there is some truth to what you are saying, I think it is dangerous to make the connection that those who speak out against something are often (multiple cases…) the most guilty of what they speak out against. There are numerous aspects of our culture and society that sicken me and “ashley madison” is certainly near the top of the list. Does that mean there is a high probability I have had an affair? because I speak against it?

Just sayin’…

I agree Ben… As an IT guy, I see that the security measures for the data is really lacking for this company.

Although I understand Jim’s concerns, I think the real problem is “how” you speak out against evil…

doing something Illegal to expose people who are the “Do as I say, not as I do” types is simply wrong, and there is NO justification for it. I think we have the right to speak out against “Evil” as long as we are doing it in the right manner (Christ centered way)… Breaking Federal laws is NOT the way to do it.

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