Ashworth, a great fit for BYU

Timpview alum. Natural fit for BYU

I would hope he would consider coming to BYU, although there are several big time schools looking for him as well.

He would answer so many questions currently on the Basketball team.

Who is he?

Starting Guard for USU last year.

Steven Ashworth Stats, News, Bio | ESPN

The reason he is transferring is that he has had 3 coaches in 3 years at USU.

Basketball coaching at USU is not exactly stable right now.

He would be a good pick up. Yes it is too
bad of how many coaches come and gone in short period of time even though they went to the NCAA tournament. Again, he would be a good pick up.

Here is the list of players BYU is going out for:

BYU basketball: Mark Pope is chasing these players in transfer portal - Deseret News

Here is one better Floyd,

Both Ashworth and Khalifa are Byu‘s primary targets. Does not answer the question of speed, but it gets Byu a very competitive core even for the big 12.

Have heard anything from your sources about how Ashworth is leaning?

just that he would love to play local in front of his family. Timpview HS product.
I think he is waiting to see what kind of NIL he can get. Gonzaga would be a good fit and the others have deep pockets.

Ashworth will play for Creighton next season.

Source desnews

I’m not surprised but sad

Kind of felt like BYU was a long shot when I saw Craighton on the list. Great fit and Ashworth will excel there.

Makes it important for BYU to land the UC kid now. Dawson Baker, G, UC Irvine